Yacht Fenders for Hull Protection

Inflatable Boat Bumpers for Yachts and Private Boats

yacht fendersChoosing the right yacht fenders is important to protect your yacht, superyacht, or private boat from damage when mooring or approaching a dock. When used properly, a fender system acts as a shock absorber that prevents damage and scratching to the gelcoat and hull. In the event of engine failure, fenders provide an important part of an accident protection system. GEI Works' custom and standard inflatable yacht fenders are durable, easily inflatable, and deflate for low-volume storage while underway.

GEI Works' Inflatable Yacht Fenders are fully adjustable and clip easily to cleats or rails. Custom sizes protect the length of a hull up to 12' or more. They are easily inflatable by the use of a hand or electric pump, and fold up for storage when not in use. A heavy duty cover protects the yacht fender from sunlight and saltwater exposure.

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Inflatable Fender Benefits

boat bumpers
  • Ideal for superyachts, large yachts, sailboats, catamarans, and other private boats
  • Easily repairable with our Vinyl Repair Kit (patch fabric matched to your fender)
  • High strength attachment points mean they withstand heavy impacts and abrasion
  • Side-release buckles are quicker than tying lines
  • Easily inflatable via the use of a foot or electric pump
  • Fully adjustable nylon straps are permanently fastened to the fender
  • Deflates for low-volume stowage
  • Can be used as a transom fender while at anchor

inflatable boat fenderInflatable Fender Features

  • UV-resistant fabric with protective cover
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Constructed from marine-grade Elvaloy fabric with marine growth inhibitors. (This fabric is specifically designed for inflation and is welded, not glued.)
  • PVC covers protect from chafing, sunlight, and salt
  • Comes in 12", 18", or 24" diameter. Custom lengths and sizing available
  • 1 ½" seatbelt-grade nylon straps withstand the toughest conditions

Inflatable Boat Fender Specifications

Diameter Length Bladder Cover Valve Type
12" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
18" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
24" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style

Inflatable and Repairable Superyacht Fenders

Basic fenders can be prone to marine growth and puncture through repeated use. GEI Works' yacht fenders come with protective covers and can also be repaired easily via the use of our vinyl repair kit while still at sea. The seatbelt-grade nylon webbing withstands heavy use while at sea and stormy moorings.

Our inflatable yacht fenders can also be easily deployed as a transom fender when docking a tender or other watercraft at the stern of the yacht while anchored at the destination. Its length helps to provide a large surface to dock multiple watercrafts and protect your yacht during heavy use. It's also handy when mooring boats side by side or even for towing.

We realize that yachts often have particular specifications that need to be met. We can accommodate special sizes and additional functionality. Just call our team at +1 772-646-0597 to speak with a specialist today or fill out our quote request form.