Woven and Nonwoven Geotextile Certification

A Quality Control Program for a Quality Product

woven and nonwoven geotextile, certification Our woven and nonwoven geotextile products are sampled and tested to assure quality products are being produced.

As a minimum, a number of production units are selected at random from each lot. Additional testing is also conducted.

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The Following Tests are Performed on Each Sample

Test Property Test Method
ASTM D5261
ASTM D5199
Grab Tensile
ASTM D4632
Grab Elongation
ASTM D4632
Trapezoid Tear Strength
ASTM D4533
CBR Puncture Resistance
ASTM D6241
Mullen Burst Strength
ASTM D3786
ASTM D4491
ASTM D4491
Water Flow
ASTM D4491
Apparent Opening Size (A.O.S)
ASTM D4751
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355

Additional Testing

Property Test Method Unit
Abrasion-Sliding Block
ASTM D4886
% Strength Retention
Abrasion-Rotary Platform
ASTM D3884/D2048
U.V. Resistance-Flourescent Type
ASTM G53/G154
% Strength Retention
U.V. Resistance-Xenon Type
ASTM D4355
% Strength Retention
Wide Width
ASTM D4595

Become an Erosion Control "Expert"!

Don't let your knowledge erode! Soak up the ins and out of erosion control and the geotextile products used.

Brush Up on the Types of Erosion:

Beach ErosionCoastal Erosion Soil ErosionWater Erosion
Wind ErosionRiver Bank ErosionWeathering and Erosion

Learn About the Causes and Solutions:

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Master the Specifics of Geotextiles:

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Options for Geotextiles:

  • Erosion Control Fabrics:
    • Geotex 2 x 2
    • Geotex 3 x 3
    • Geotex 4 x 4
    • Geotex 4 x 4
    • Geotex 4 x 6
    • Geotex 4 x 1
    • Geotex 6 x 1
    • Geotex 9 x 1
    • Geotex 12 x 1

  • Woven Geotextiles:
    • Geotex 135ST
    • Geotex 200ST
    • Geotex 250ST
    • Geotex 270ST
    • Geotex 315ST

Interested in the woven and nonwoven geotextile but want to know more about it? Give us a call at 1-772-646-0597.