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Planting for Coir Fibers

Coir Fibers and Erosion Control Plants

When using any of our coconut coir fibers, some of the most frequently asked questions involve how the products are sold and how they can be used with vegetation. Below we have a gathered some of our most frequently asked questions involving vegetation and coir products. If you have a question that you do not see below, please do not hesitate to Contact Us (Phone: +1-772-646-0597).

1. Do your products come pre-seeded? Answer
2. What plants work best with coir? Answer
3. How do you seed with your products? Answer
4. How long do your products last? Answer
5. How does vegetation work with the product as it biodegrades? Answer

coir logs1. Do your products come pre-seeded?

No, we currently do not offer any erosion control products that are pre-seeded. You can, however, certainly use any of our products with vegetation, plugs and seeds.

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2. What plants work best with coir?

One of the main reasons our logs, wattles and blankets do not come pre-seeded is due to the fact that native vegetation will usually work best in a given a location. Native vegetation will vary depending on the location, temperature and erosion requirements. Using natural/native vegetation an offer any of the following advantages:

  • Natural to your Area
  • Proven to Thrive and Survive
  • Blends into Surroundings and the Environment
  • Quickly Takes Root
  • Establishes Growth Fast
  • Recognizable to Surrounding Wildlife

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3. How do I seed with your products?

Seeding and vegetation methods will vary greatly depending on your location, slope and which coir product you are using. In general, seeding is most commonly used in conjunction with coir logs or coir matting.

Coir Logs: When seeding with coir logs, there are a couple of different methods customers will deploy in order to adequately stabilize their location. This may include seeding directly into the logs or seeding in the areas immediately around the logs. If seeding into logs, plant plugs are usually installed directly into the logs. If seeding around logs, plants are usually installed immediately upslope of the logs to help stabilize the location and prevent erosion control.

Coir Mats: Coir mats are available in two standard styles:

coir mattingOpen Weave: Open weave mats, also referred to as coir netting, are some of the easiest mats to seed. These mats feature an open weave design that makes it easier to install plants either before or after installation. Open weave mats also make it easier to use plugs or other larger vegetation.

coir blanketCoconut Coir Mats with Netting: The second mat style features coconut coir fibers that are surrounded with a polypropylene or jute netting. Planting with these mats is usually done prior to installation of the mat so that plants are allowed to grow through the material. While mats can be cut slightly to insert plants or seeded, any cuts made to the mat will decrease the strength and structural stabilization of the mat.

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4. How long do your products last?

The standard life span of a coir product will range anywhere from 2 to 5 years depending on the location and demands placed on the product. For example, areas with higher flows and water contact may increase the rate.

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5. How does vegetation work with the product as it biodegrades?

A majority of our coir products feature completely natural and biodegradable materials. This means that they do not harm surrounding plants and wildlife. As the product biodegrades, it will blend in and enrich the surrounding soil. One advantage of the coir products is their extended life span. This gives any vegetation you plant enough time to fully take root before the product completely biodegrades.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.

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