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Dewatering Bag Filtration Levels

What Level of Filtration do the Dewatering Bags Provide?

Question on Dewatering Bag Filtration Levels: What level of filtration do dewatering bags provide? I have a drinking water treatment application that pulls from an open intake. During storms it becomes very muddy and I have more filtration in line, but during storms it plugs up very quickly.

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works. Your filtration results will vary depending on the dewatering bag material and the material being collected. Our sediment dewatering and filter bag is fabricated using heavy duty needle punched filter fabric (non-woven geotextile) which provides high permittivity (water flow) and a fine pore structure that allows water to flow through freely, while preventing fine soils from piping through.

Other options are woven Monofilament (polypro or PE), which are ideal for high flow, rugged, high tensile applications.

For first time use and first time users, we like to discuss the project directly with you to ensure we are going to be getting you the best option for a solution. In general, filtering ability depends on several factors including the type/size
of dewatering bag you use, the kind of sediment you are looking to contain, and the amount of sediment/water being pumped into the bag.

Additional Options to Improve Filtering Levels:

To improve the dewatering bag filtration level in your area, there are a couple of additional options that you could consider.

  • Placement on a Porous Surface: While many dewatering bags have been successfully implemented on dump trucks and ground structures, placing the bags on some type of porous surface has often greatly helped in increasing the filtering ability. Porous surfaces have included:
    • Hay Bales
    • Hay Blocks
    • Aggregates
    • Similar Filtration Products
  • Polymers: Flocculates and polymers may also be added to the water to help improve the clarity and filtering ability of your water. Polymers should be chosen based on your specific location. Please contact a polymer specialist for more information.

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