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Recommended Way to Dispose and Clean a Contaminated Boom

Question: on the disposal of a contaminated oil boom: What is the recommended way of disposal for a contaminated boom or can it be cleaned and reused? Do you know how they are dealing with the millions of gallons of oily water they are recovering now?

Answer: Thank you for asking. To answer your first question, yes, the oil containment boom can be cleaned and reused but the contaminated water has to be handled very carefully. Due to the harmful nature of oil, these materials need to filter and/or properly disposed of after the booms and other equipment have been washed off.

Similarly, if you are planning on reusing an oil boom, please make sure the boom materials itself has been properly and completely cleaned. This helps prevent the spreading of one contaminate to a different site.

When cleaning an oil spill boom, Granite Environmental's tech team recommends that the floating boom (and other equipment) be cleaned in a Secondary Containment Product. This keeps the materials completely contained and allow the water to stay safely put in one location rather than flowing around to various spots. In this secondary containment product, water can be treated or cleaned prior to it leaving your site.

aluminum angle spill bermSecondary containment products that have been used for this type of cleanup application have included:

  • Secondary Containment Berms
    • Aluminum Angle
    • Foam Wall
    • Air Wall
  • Containment Pools
  • Frame Tanks

Our GEI Works tech team recommends to clean the boom in a secondary containment. There are different ways to deal with the oily water. If you are looking for product solutions, our tech guys can make an educated recommendation and help find the best product for your cleanup project.

After cleanup, water can be filtered using a filtering material such as a dewatering bag or self bailer.

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If you have any additional questions on the disposal of contaminated oil boom, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.