Pillow Tank Temperatures

What are the Highest and Lowest Temperatures
a Pillow Tank Can be Stored at?

Question about pillow tank temperatures: Our project is a camp. We have to build a camp with a ambient temperature of minus 46 degrees to plus 50.6 degrees Celsius and altitude of 3 to 4000 meters, so we need to design the water tank that fits those ambient temperatures?

Answer: Yes, we can provide a pillow tank suitable for your temperature range. In general, our collapsible tanks will typically use a fabric equipped to handle a temperature range anywhere from minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. However, we have several different fabric materials for dealing with all kinds of liquids and outdoor elements and would be happy to find a good option for your location and the pillow tank temperatures required.
For example, the polyurethane tank fabric we suggest to use has a cold crack of minus 50 degrees Celsius and can also go above your required high temperature of plus 50 degrees Celsius. The internal tank fabric is approved to NSF61, BS6290, and Mil-T-53029 C.

Some various locations we have seen our pillow tanks being implemented have included the following:

  • Oil Field Fracking Locations
  • Cold Mining Operations
  • Rainwater Harvesting in Hot Climates
  • Outdoor Water Storage
  • Outdoor Fuel Storage
  • Various Gray Water Applications
  • Emergency Storage of Materials

In addition to the use in a wide range of applications and locations, these tanks have also been made from a huge variety of fabrics including the following:

  • Urethane
  • Polyurethane
  • Polymer Alloy
  • E PVC Coated Materials
  • FDA and NSF 61 Approved Fabrics

Anytime you are looking for a collapsible tank, please be sure to let us know not only the conditions in which you will be using these tanks, but also the liquid you will be storing and the amount. This can help up provide you with pricing on the fabric best equipped for your location.

Please contact our Granite Environment tech team to discuss your preferred tank layout and fittings at 1-772-646-0597 or email us your tank requirements to info@geiworks.com.
We look forward to being of assistance!

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If you have any additional questions on pillow tank temperatures, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at 1-772-646-0597.

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