Industrial and Commercial Roof Tarps

Waterproof PVC Tarpaulins

Blue roofing tarp for waterproofingHas your job site or business been affected by a recent hurricane or storm? Are you in need of roof tarpaulins to prepare for the next natural disaster? GEI Works provides PVC tarps for industrial, commercial, and business roofs in need of temporary waterproofing. Our waterproof tarps are available for immediate purchase, call now at 1-772-646-0597 to receive a quote from our product specialists or to discuss location specific concerns and needs.

PVC Roofing TarpOur PVC tarps (polyvinyl chloride tarpaulins) are made from a durable 10 oz., 13 oz., or 18 oz. laminated fabric material and is impermeable to water, sediment, dust, and other particulates. This GEI Works liner and tarpaulin fabric, properly secured on your commercial, industrial, or business roof, can help protect against additional damage to your building after hurricane force winds and rain. If you are interested in a PVC coated tarp, contact our product specialists for a price quote. Our coated tarps are flame retardant and mildew resistant.

Construction tarps and covers from GEI Works are offered in many sizes and are not limited to specific dimensions. Color options for PVC roof tarps include yellow, green, and blue. Every tarp is customizable with grommets to your required specifications.

Call our product specialists today at 1-772-646-0597 to learn how GEI Works can best help your business with our available tarpaulins. They are ready for immediate purchase!

Blue Waterproof TarpWhile polyvinyl tarps are an excellent choice for roof protection, they are widely used for covering other objects such as work trucks, water trailers, railcars, gondolas, and other forms of industrial equipment. PVC tarps are lightweight and economical making them ideal for weatherproofing your equipment or building in a short span of time. Simply pull the tarpaulin over your roof or equipment, then secure the tarp with rope using built-in grommets or another customized tie down option. The flexibility and versatility of polyvinyl tarps make them perfect for temporary storage, shipping, logistics, hurricane and natural disaster preparation, and many more applications!

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