Water Pollution Prevention

Stormwater Runoff Management and Other Solutions

Water pollution prevention affects nearly every industry, city, and business in the world. Businesses in every industry follow rules and regulations concerning water pollution, while cities and other municipalities want to keep their communities safe and clean. Whether addressing stormwater runoff or spill containment, GEI Works has the right solution to combat water pollution.

Stormwater Management for Construction Sites

For construction sites, stormwater runoff management is a high priority. Any contamination of local waterways results in fines and levies against the construction company, as well as the cost and time involved in remediation. GEI Works provides many stormwater runoff solutions to keep job sites in compliance.

Taurus Over Grate FilterGrate and Inlet Filters – Filters and covers keep trash and contaminates from entering storm drains and inlets throughout the site. Taurus Over Grate and Under Grate Filters allow clean water through, while stopping debris above or below the grate. Curb Inlet Filters fit along street curb drains, allowing only clean water to pass. For serious spill containment requirements, drain seals completely cover a grate, blocking even water from entering.

Taurus Ditch CheckDitch Check – For construction sites around open ground, the patented ditch check filters sediment runoff flowing through culverts, swales, or ditches. The temporary dams offer a solution on how to control water runoff as they filter and slow the speed of water, stabilizing job sites during any stormwater events. No sediment of debris gets past the ditch check and contaminates the waterways. (U.S. Patent No. 10,196,283 B2)

Triton Turbidity CurtainTurbidity Curtain – Some project areas are in or next to rivers or lakes. In these situations, turbidity curtain keeps sediment disturbances and build up at a minimum. Placed in the water around the job site, sediment runoff has a place to settle without polluting the rest of the river, lake, or stream. Turbidity curtain allows the same situation for water discharge pipes as well, giving a small settling area that doesn't disturb the rest of the waterway.

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Water Pollution Prevention for Cities and Municipalities

Local governments want to keep their cities and counties safe and clean for the betterment of the community. Water pollution prevention is a large aspect of that. To help keep sewers and streets clear, local governments can use storm drain filters such as over grate, under grate, and curb inlet filters. In addition to municipal stormwater management, officials need ways to keep trash and sediment from contaminating their lagoons, lakes, and rivers.

Orion Debris BoomDebris Boom – The Orion debris boom keeps trash, aquatic plants, and other natural debris from clogging up waterways and interfering with fish and other aquatic animals. The debris boom keeps materials contained in one area for easy clean up and disposal. Boom can also keep plants and trash out of special areas, such as community beaches and swimming holes.

Coir LogsCoir Products – Coir mats and logs are typically used for erosion control, keeping sediment in place and out of the community water system. Coir wattles offer a solution on how to control water runoff when placed around protected areas.

Dewatering BagsDewatering Bags and Tubes – For community waterway water quality, dewatering bags and tubes work as water pollution prevention solutions against dirty, sediment-laden water. Contaminated water is pumped into the bag or tube, depending on the amount of liquid being treated. Sediment and other materials stay in the container, while clean water filters out, returning to the original waterway or diverting where needed.

Oil Spill Containment for Industrial Facilities

For industrial facilities, some of the most pressing water pollution issues are oil and other chemicals used in manufacturing and tooling. For adequate water pollution prevention, companies must adhere to all federal and local spill containment requirements. Fortunately, GEI Works offers a number of oil spill containment methods and solutions.

Spill KitsSpill Kits – Available in a variety of sizes, spill kits contain absorbents to soak up any spills before they reach drains or grates, contaminating the facility's water system. Any pollutants entering regular drains can easily discharge into local waterways, so they need to be stopped beforehand. While oil-specific kits are the most common, spill kits for chemicals or universal liquids are used regularly as well.

Oil Spill Containment ValveOil Containment Valve – Many industrial facilities use water cooling systems to keep machinery from overheating. This water is kept separate from any oil and hydrocarbons used to keep everything running. As one of many oil spill containment methods, the oil containment valve fits into containment sumps and oil-water separators to ensure any leaks do not leave the facility. In the event of water contamination, the valve seals the discharge pipe before oil escapes into regional lakes or rivers.

Pit LinersPit Liners – Power plants and factories use pits and reservoirs for numerous purposes. To prevent chemicals or contaminated water from leeching into the groundwater supply, heavy duty geomembrane liners seal the pit against the local environment. The liners act as water pollution prevention barriers, keeping the worst of the contaminants isolated.

Let Us Find a Water Pollution Solution for You

The solutions and products here offer only a small number of the ways GEI Works helps with water pollution prevention. We work together with companies and governments worldwide to find the right solutions to their unique problems. Please contact us today!

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Questions about water pollution prevention? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.