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Water Harvesting Tanks

Question regarding water harvesting tanks for rainwater collection: I need to get an estimate on an exterior type water harvesting tank for rainwater collection. It needs to hold 300 gallons for Long Term Use. I have looked for a Molded Polyethylene rain barrel with UV Inhibitor, do you have these? I also saw your collapsible tanks. Can these be used also?


Answer: Hello there! Thank you for contacting us! There are a couple of different options you could consider the water harvesting in your location. If you are specifically looking for a plastic tank, we offer a wide range of Plastic Water Storage Tanks that can be used for collection and water reuse applications.

rainwater plastic tanksPopular styles have included:

  • Green and Black Vertical Tanks
  • Open Top Rectangular and Cylindrical Tanks

When looking for a plastic tank, some things you will want to consider include where you will be storing it and how you are planning to collect rainwater. Tanks can been installed outside buildings under gutters or at downspouts to collect water. If you are using an open top tank, you may also be able to simply place the tank outside.

If storing this tank outdoors, one thing you will want to consider is the color of the tank. Darker colors (such as green or black) are recommended for outdoor storage as these fabrics help to prevent light from flowing into the tank. This helps keep tanks clean and limits algae growth inside the unit.

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Collapsible Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting

water harvesting tanksAnother option you can consider for the storage and collection of rainwater is a Flexible Pillow Tank. These tanks are available in all sizes (1 to 210,000 gallons) and can be similarly used to collect rainwater off of downspouts and other filters.

When compared to a plastic tank, the collapsible water harvesting tanks can be used in an outdoor storage location but also in an indoor storage spot. Indoor locations have included in basements, crawl spaces, and under decks to keep tanks out of the way.

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