Water Bladders Exposed to Sun

Drinking Water Bladders for Long Term Exposure to Sun

Question on water bladders exposed to sun: I am looking for a drinking water bladder for use in South Sudan. The portable tank should have a capacity of 500 gallons. It will be mounted on a steel building roof to provide gravity flow into a medical clinic. It also must be UV resistant to the max. water bladders in sun

Can your water bladders exposed to sun under long term storage conditions in Sudan? Can the storage bladder be built with some kind of sun screen for it, too? I don't want the water to overheat from solar energy. With a sunscreen shade, how many years would be comfortable to expect?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Collapsible Water Tanks are an excellent choice for storage in an outdoor location and have been made to sustain UV rays and consistent outdoor exposure. This has allowed them to be used for several years in various outdoor storage locations.

If you are planning on using these tanks for extended periods of time, please note that placement of these tanks in a shaded area will provide a longer sustain ability. Even if only covered with a ground cloth or cover, the lifespan on these tanks can be significantly increased. When shaded properly, we have had tanks exposed to the elements for several years.

Additional Collapsible Tank Benefits

Water bladders have been made from several different materials, often chosen based on specific requirements in the area. For additional protection in the sunlight, we can specifically look for tanks that use a fabric well-equipped to handle sun exposure.

As you mentioned, these tanks may also be covered with a type of sunscreen or sun block to further protect the tanks for sun exposure. Other benefits you may find to this type of storage include:

  • Ease of Installation (easy to install, despite the size)
  • Lower Shipping Costs (fold up for transportation)
  • High Temperature Range (has successfully been used in temperatures as high as 180° F)

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