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Dewatering Tubes to Remove Sludge

Project with Dewatering Tubes for the Removal of Sludge from Collection Basin

Problem: Dewatering Tubes to Remove Sludge from a Collection Basin. The customer needed a solution to remove 160,000 cubic yard sludge from a collection basin. The sludge in this case was a mixture of gypsum and ferric hydroxide and tumbleweed. Space was limited and the tubes shouldn't be kept on the site. dewatering tubes to remove sludge

The sludge also contained arsenic and hence, and the tubes weren't allowed to dry out at the site. The concern was that dust could become wind-borne.

Solution: After the customer contacted us with his dewatering project, our technical team got to work discussing possible solutions for this project. Some options that were considered as a solution included the following:

  • Remove Sludge with Front End Loaders: It was seen as a possibility to tear open the geotextile tubes and remove the sludge with front end loaders to mining trucks or dump it elsewhere.

  • Dewatering Tubes with Zippers: Another option would be to manufacture the geotextile tubes with zippers. This would allow the customer to manually open the bag after it was filled with sludge to remove the contents of the bag.

Both of these methods involved solutions that could be achieved through use specifically with the Dewatering Tube. The dewatering tubes to remove sludge were recommended over the dewatering bag for this project primarily due to the amount of water that was needing to filter through the bags.

Our Granite Environmental Tech Team assisted our customer by providing the most efficient and functional tube application to finish the project successfully.

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Additional Dewatering Options

For smaller projects, a dewatering bag may also be used in this application with a similar task of opening the dewatering bag side. Depending on the project, our new reusable dewatering bags could also be used. These bags contain a built-in opening along one side of the bag. This opening is shut with locking rods during a dewatering process.

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