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Used Oil Tank

100, 150, 200, 385 Gallon Oil-Tainer®

Used Oil Tank Request a QuoteThis used oil tank is manufactured to provide you with a safe place to store all of your old and used oil so it does not end up contaminating drinking water sources or the environment. Since used oil is degrades a slow pace, properly disposing of this material is of the utmost importance. These double walled plastic containers can store your oil temporarily before it is properly disposed of or it can serve as a holding place if you intend to reuse this oil or use it as a lubricant.

The exterior of this container is manufactured for safe storage outdoors. To help prevent you from overflowing the tank, it contains an automatic overflow shutoff function.

These quality oil tainers have frequently been used to store oil in mechanic shops and automotive services stations. Since their construction in recycled polyethylene can store many chemical types, it has also been used to store windshield fluids and antifreeze. View All Storage Tanks and our tank selection guide.

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  • Double Walls
  • Capacities Available: 100, 150, and 385 Gallons
  • Gauge to Monitor the Oil Level
  • Debris Strainer
  • Two Inch Quick Release Drain
  • Made of 100% Recyclable Material
  • Hinged Manway
  • Meets EPA and CFR 40-279.22 Standards


  • Won't Rust or Chip Over Time
  • Handles Weather Conditions Well
  • Complies with the EPA for Environmentally Friendly Storage
  • Will Automatically Shut Off if Levels Reach too High a Level
  • Easy to Empty
  • Yellow Color for Safety Viewing
  • Lockable Manway
Chemtainer Oil-Tainer®
Capacity (gal) Size (dia x height)
100 35 x 41
150 34 x 49
385 64 x 42
Spill Pan 66 x 8
Spill Pan 37 x 4

View All Storage Tanks and our tank selection guide.