Underground Water Storage Tanks

Wastewater Storage Tanks and Greywater Treatment System

Underground Water Storage Tanks and Greywater Treatment Systems are the ideal choice for wastewater storage. These systems can be accommodated for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural users who are responsible for storage and disposal of their own liquid waste.

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Wastewater Storage Tanks

The "tight tank" design combines carbon steel construction with the appropriate polyurethane, rubber, PVC, high-solids epoxies or other lining depending on your requirements. View All Storage Tanks and our tank selection guide.

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Water Tank Applications

These underground water storage tanks can accommodate many liquids including:

  • Graywater
  • Blackwater or Septic
  • Agricultural Wastewater and Livestock Liquid Waste
  • Industrial Chemically Contaminated Wastewater
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Radioactive Liquid Wastes
  • Rainwater

This water storage tank is available in carbon steel or stainless steel. Underground and above ground wastewater installation systems are designed to exceed applicable wastewater industry standards including: AWWA, (American Water Works Association) NFPA, (National Fire Protection Association) UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or API (American Petroleum Institute) Each water storage tank is constructed in compliance with appropriate standards and codes for each project.

Factors to be considered include:

  • Operating Environment
  • Optimum Capacity
  • Applicable Design Configurations
  • Operating Temperature
  • Freeze Protection
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Secondary Containment

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Clear Greywater Collection System

Classified as secondary pollution by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) , "gray water" is classified as tap water that has been used in non-food or waste (such as toilets) applications and is not suitable for reuse in potable water applications.

The Graywater Collection System provides a safe and effective way for the waste water from showers, laundry and washrooms to be filtered and reused for non-potable water applications such as lawn irrigation or flushing toilets in commercial and domestic applications.

Modular Filter Skid System

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underground water storage tanks, water storage tanks underground, underground storage tanks waterDesigned to replicate the filtration process found in nature, the collection system utilizes current disinfection processes with time tested bio-remediation, absorption and aeration techniques to produce quality non-potable water for storage.

Safety Considerations

For any water recycling system, it is important to ensure that the system used is able to accommodate the effluent discharge to avoid contamination and pollution of recycled water.

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