Hopper Under Grate Filter

Storm Drain Protection You Can Count On

stormwater sediment filterGEI Works' new Taurus Hopper Under Grate Filter fits securely beneath storm and catch basin grates for storm drain protection from trash, sediment, debris, mosquitos and flying insects. Street sweeper friendly, you'll be amazed with not only how easy this catch basin filter is to install, but with how much better and longer Taurus performs than the industry standard (known as "witch's hats") in filtering debris and controlling flying insects.

Taurus storm drain filters are recommended stormwater BMPs, and can help keep your site in compliance with local and federal stormwater regulations as part of a SWPPP. Taurus storm drain and catch basin filters are made in the USA and are designed for durability and longevity.

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Taurus Under Grate Filter Advantages

  • sediment filter under grateInstalls quickly and securely
  • Street sweeper friendly
  • Low profile design
  • Heavy duty permeable fabric
  • Large hopper (collection area)
  • Folds flat for easy shipping and storage
  • Overflow ports to prevent pooling water
  • Custom sizes and options* available

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Standard Sizes* of Taurus Under Grate Filters

FDOT Sizes Other Sizes*
26" x 40" Under Grate Filter
28" x 36" Under Grate Filter
36" x 53" Under Grate Filter
40" x 54" Under Grate Filter
24" x 36" Under Grate Filter
48" x 36" Under Grate Filter
54" x 42" Under Grate Filter
60" x 60" Under Grate Filter
*Custom sizes are also available

Taurus Hopper Uses

  • High volume suspended solids, silt and sediment, trash, yard waste, and oil residue
  • Areas with heavy traffic
  • The drain is in a location that is subject to wheel turns by traffic

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Storm Drain Protection - How It Works

storm drain filterThe Taurus Hopper fits under the storm drain or catch basin grate, preventing trash and debris from entering waterways and filtering sediment before it enters the storm water system. The hopper (collection area) is larger than traditional comparable products, accommodating large amounts of silt, trash, debris and sand.

This rugged design catches debris while the heavy duty filtration fabric allows water to flow steadily through. Built-in overflow ports allow for an increased flow rate to avoid flooding during heavy rain events. (To increase longevity and performance, we recommend regularly emptying the storm drain filter's hopper.)

Nylon webbing straps are featured for ultimate support and can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. The (optional) high visibility design makes it easy to quickly identify which storm drains contain the under grate filter. Additionally, Taurus products can prevent mosquitoes from exiting storm drains for flying insect control.

For Maintenance:

  1. Lift the grate using a lifting strap or other approved safety device.
  2. Remove the filter from the grate.
  3. Empty the filter hopper and dispose of the contents.
  4. Reattach the filter to the grate per installation instructions.
  5. Use lifting strap or other approved safety device to replace the grate in the drain opening.

over grate filterLooking for additional storm drain filters? GEI Works' line of Taurus filtration products provide significant cost savings due to their extended lifespan.
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See federal NPDES regulations and information.

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