Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain

A Cost-Effective Sediment Curtain for Moving Water

Type 2 Contractor Turbidity CurtainThe Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain is designed to be a cost-effective solution to contain silt, sediment, and other displaced particles in flowing water during your short-term project. The Type 2 Contractor Barrier is more economical with a thinner fabric for small, quick projects.

Manufactured by GEI Works in Florida, this light duty turbidity barrier works best in areas with moving waters and low silt levels. Designed for depths between 3 feet and 10 feet, the Type 2 Floating Turbidity Barrier fits best in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams—anywhere with flowing water but no great turbulence.

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Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain Technical Specifications

Length 50 ft. or 100 ft.
Depth 3 ft. to 10 ft.
Fabric 13 oz. PVC
Flotation Square Foam Filled
Flotation Size 4 in.
Tension Cable 1/4 in. Below Float
Bottom Ballast Chain 1/4 in. Galvanized Chain
Section Connectors Grommets, Top and Bottom Stress Plates
Color Yellow
Anchor Points Every 50 ft.
Product Flyer Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain Flyer (PDF)

Type 2 Contractor BarrierType 2 Floating Turbidity Curtain Features

  • Low Cost Turbidity Curtain for Small Projects
  • 4" Flotations to Fit Narrower or Limited Areas
  • Lengths Up to 100' to Fit Projects of Various Scope
  • Easy Pick Up for Local Florida Customers
  • Robust Impermeable PVC Barrier
  • Brightly Colored for Quick Detection

Type 2 Floating Turbidity Curtain Benefits

  • Economical Turbidity Control
  • Effective Control in Moving Water Areas
  • Easy to Connect and Install
  • Keeps Sites in Compliance

Don't be in the dark about DOT regulations on your site. Get reliable turbidity control with our product solutions. View GEI Works' entire selection of Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains. Our sales team is available to answer all your questions about turbidity control and Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain.

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Type 2 Sediment Curtain Accessories

Triton turbidity curtain accessoriesWhen dealing with moving water, including waves and strong currents, anchoring your curtain correctly is the most important part of turbidity control. Don't let your turbidity barrier fail with improper anchoring. Choose the proper accessories to ensure your project's success. Just a few of the necessary components are:

See more information about accessories for this Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain for sale on our Marine Accessories PDF Flyer.

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain for Light-Duty Applications

When it comes to short-term applications for light duty turbidity control, the Type 2 Contractor Turbidity Curtain is what you will need. This floating turbidity barrier works well in project areas with moving water and low sediment. A few of the contractor turbidity curtain applications are:

  • Boat Dock Repair or Installation
  • Lake Work Activities
  • Small Construction Areas
  • Short-Term Moving Water Project Sites

Read our blog post about What Type of Turbidity Barrier Your Project Needs or visit our Turbidity Curtain Comparison Chart (PDF) to determine which sediment curtain is right for you.

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