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Type 1 Turbidity Curtain Economy

The Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtain is a low-cost barrier designed for calm water containment applications where there is minimal demands on the barrier. Built from reliable, yet economical fabrics, these curtains are a favorite for short-term projects and other applications requiring a temporary or low budget solution.type 1 silt barrier

As part of our Type 1 Turbidity & Silt Curtain variety, these units are designed specifically for use in calm water applications such as small ponds, small lakes and other locations where there is limited to no water current or waves.

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Type 1 DOT Typical Specifications


Economy Curtain Flyer
Flotation Device 6" Flotation
Fabric Impermeable PVC Fabric
Standard Lengths 50' or 100' Sections
Standard Depths 5' Standard
3' to 100' depending on the depth of your water location

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Type 1 Turbidity Curtain Model

When looking through our turbidity curtain variety, many customers ask what the main difference is between the two type 1 turbidity curtain models (Type 1 Economy and Type 1 DOT). To answer this question, the main difference between these two models is that one is designed for applications where DOT standards are not required and the other is designed to meet DOT specifications.

Thus, the economy model would be used in locations where turbidity control was required, but where meeting DOT regulations was not a requirement. By contrast, the DOT model might be used in areas such as roadsides, rivers, and constructions sites where DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements needed to be met.

Choosing the Right Turbidity Curtain Size

In order to determine the best turbidity curtain size for your location, there are several different factors that will need to be taken into consideration. These will include:

  1. What Length is Required? Typically you will want the barrier to sit along your work area to provide containment of silt and sediment in your area. Sections of these curtains are made in lengths of either 50 or 100 feet. Multiple sections can be connected together to form the needed lengths in your location.

  2. What is the Depth of your Water Area? In addition, curtain depths are also chosen based on the depth in you water location. We typically recommend that the depth of your curtain allow the barrier to sit approximately one foot from the floor of your water location.

If you are dealing with a location that has moving waters, you may also consider using one of our stronger Silt Curtains, such as the Type 2 or Type 3 curtain.

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