Type 1 Turbidity Curtain DOT

Department of Transportation Turbidity Barrier

Type 1 DOT Turbidity CurtainWhen dealing with turbidity and silt containment and control in calm water locations, the Type 1 Turbidity Curtain is an excellent choice. Made with economical fabrics, these barriers are often used in locations where there is no water current and no waves. This will include small ponds, lakes, and swales on construction sites.

The type 1 curtain comes in two different models, including a Type 1 Economy (which is used for short term or non-DOT regulated projects) and the Type 1 DOT (shown here). As the name suggests, the Type 1 DOT is used for areas or locations where it is required that the curtain meet DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements.

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Type 1 DOT Typical Specifications

Flotation Device 6 in. Flotation
Fabric Heavy Duty Fabric
Standard Lengths 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
Standard Depths 5 ft. Standard
3 ft. to 100 ft. Depnding on Depth of Water
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Type 1 DOT Turbidity Curtain Applications

The Type 1 DOT turbidity curtain is the common choice for applications requiring containment that is DOT compliant. All Type 1 DOT curtains are built to meet or exceed most state DOT regulations for use on projects with these requirements. This will include almost any construction along roads, work in protected areas, or construction sites requiring runoff control.

Some of the most common applications have included use in the following locations:contain runoff barrier

  • Small Ponds
  • Calm Water Lakes
  • Roadside Swales
  • Construction Sites
  • Roadside Construction Projects
  • Protected Inland Areas

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When to Use a Type 1 Turbidity Curtain

One of the most common questions customers ask when looking at our turbidity curtains is how to choose the right type for their location. Anytime you are looking to use a turbidity curtain, the first thing you will want to look at is the type of water the curtain will be used in. Type 1 curtains (both economy and DOT) are intended for the calmest water applications where there is typically no moving water and no waves. View for more information on turbidity barriers.

Moving Water Turbidity Curtains

If you are dealing with any kind of moving water application, the Type 1 barrier will most likely not be the best option. Instead, you will want to consider using one of our moving water turbidity curtains, such as the Type 2 or the Type 3.

  • Type 2 Turbidity Curtains: The type 2 turbidity curtain is our medium duty barrier and has been used in a wide range of turbidity control applications including use in dredging applications, rivers, moving lakes, and other areas where there may be demanding applications.

  • Type 3 Turbidity Curtains: If you are dealing with high moving water conditions, demanding wave areas, or long-term applications, the Type 3 curtain can be a great choice. These turbidity curtains are used for the most demanding conditions.

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