Turf Reinforcement Mat

turf reinforcement mats, turf reinforcement mat A Turf Reinforcement Mat, or TRM, is used for immediate and long term erosion control and prevention. A near permanent solution, turf reinforcement mats extend performance limits of natural vegetation. Turf mats are anchored to the ground and seeds germinate from above, rooting down through the mat. These woven geotextiles are made from 100% polypropylene and lead the industry in advanced erosion solutions.

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What Types of Turf Reinforcement Mats are Available?

turf reinforcement mats, turf reinforcement matPyramat® High Performance: These mats are designed with a patented woven three-dimensional matrix. The patented X3® fiber technology holds soil in its place, allow for superior vegetation growth. Available in Tan or Green.

Pyramat® LandLok®: For long term erosion protection, these TRMs are ideal. Designed with a web of polypropylene between two biaxially oriented nets, they can provide twice as much protection when vegetated.

We have Landlok® 450, Landlok® 1051, Landlok® 300 available.

Geotextiles are also a great erosion control solution. They provide high strength stabilization and allow for varying levels of filtration, depending on the needs of your project.

Options for Geotextiles

  • Erosion Control Fabrics:
    • Geotex® 2 x 2
    • Geotex® 3 x 3
    • Geotex® 4 x 4
    • Geotex® 4 x 4
    • Geotex® 4 x 6
    • Geotex® 4 x 1
    • Geotex® 6 x 1
    • Geotex® 9 x 1
    • Geotex® 12 x 1

  • Woven Geotextiles:
    • Geotex® 135ST
    • Geotex® 200ST
    • Geotex® 250ST
    • Geotex® 270ST
    • Geotex® 315ST

Looking for a short-term, biodegradable solution to vegetation growth and erosion control? Consider natural fiber geotextiles and erosion control blankets made from straw or coconut fibers.

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