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Floating Turbidity Curtain for Silt & Sediment Containment

A turbidity curtain (also known as silt curtain), is a floating water barrier used to controlturbidity barrier and contain the dispersion of floating sediment, silt and turbidity in a water body. Often used in marine construction projects and activities, these turbidity curtains work to lower TSS levels and keep pollution contained.

Choosing Your Triton Silt Curtain

Choosing the right turbidity curtain for your location is highly dependant on several different site conditions. Important factors include: water flow/current speed, waves (height, frequency), wind (speed, direction), job type, and job duration. If you have any additional site-specific requirements, please let us know those conditions as well. See Triton Turbidity Curtain Comparison Guide.

Not sure which curtain is best for your location? We can help! Give our friendly customer service team a call at +1-772-646-0597 or contact us.

Floating Turbidity Curtain Options:

type 1 turbidity curtainType 1 Turbidity and Silt Curtain: The type 1 turbidity curtain is most commonly used for calm waters such as ditches, small ponds, lakes or streams. They are available in Contractor, Economy (ECON), DOT & Geo Curtain models.

type 2 turbidity curtainType 2 Turbidity and Silt Curtain: The type 2 turbidity curtain is our medium-duty silt curtain. It is used for mild conditions such as with moving water with medium flow or mild wave heights. They are available in Contractor, DOT, Heavy Duty (HD) & Permeable Curtain models.

type 3 turbidity curtainType 3 Turbidity and Silt Curtain: The type 3 turbidity curtain is the strongest option. It is used for rough conditions such as fast moving water, or water with currents and waves. These curtains are available in DOT, Heavy Duty (HD) & Permeable Curtain models.

Applications for the Floating Turbidity Curtain

The floating turbidity and silt curtain has been used in several different applications involving the disturbance of silt or turbidity in the water. Applications for these silt curtains have included the following:

  • Dredging: During offshore dredging in ponds, lakes, rives and even oceans, displaced materials such as silt and turbidity can be a common by product or effect. Curtains help to contain these displaced solids to the dredging area, providing longer settling times and lower pollution.
  • Marine Operations: Another frequent source of displaced materials is during marine construction, cleaning or repair operations. Silt curtains have been installed around docks, ports, marinas, bridges and other locations to keep materials from spreading. Containing these materials can also help to protect wildlife and segregate them from a polluted area.
  • Construction Activities: During DOT and various other construction operations, silt and sediment can be displaced into various water areas. Turbidity and silt curtains help to keep these materials contained to a specific location and prevent pollution due to your construction activity.

Not sure if a floating turbidty curtain can be used for your application? Give us a call! We love to work with our customers to develop plans that will best suit their application and product requirements. Turbidity curtains are an extremely versatile product that have been used in a wide range of applications. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding your questions. +1-772-646-0597 or contact us.