Turbidity Curtain Reefing Lines

Furling Lines for Easy Depth Adjustment

diagram of turbidity curtain reefing linesReefing Lines (also known as furling lines) are an accessory that can be built into turbidity curtains. They allow the curtain's depth to be adjusted to changing water depths. Turbidity curtain reefing lines are sized based on the type of barrier used and the expected distance that the curtain skirt will need to be raised. The reefing lines make it extremely easy to furl (or unfurl) the curtain panels to the necessary depths, whenever it is needed over the course of the project's life-cycle.

Important! Turbidity curtain reefing lines are built into your curtain at the time of manufacture, but only upon request. If you are interested in using reefing lines for your project, please ask your customer service representative for information and pricing. 1-772-646-0597 or contact us.

When to Use Turbidity Barrier Reefing Lines

Turbidity curtains work best when no closer than 1 foot* of the water body's floor. With this in mind, reefing lines would be beneficial:

  • When the water body's floor has different depths across the containment area.
  • When the depth of the water in a containment area is expected to fluctuate (ex. flooding, periodic inflow discharge, tidal environment).

*This keeps the curtain from dragging on the bottom, causing additional turbidity in the water (instead of containing it). Also, if the curtain rests on the bottom, the sediment will pile up against the curtain (pulling it down), impairing the floating and functioning of the curtain, and potentially damaging the turbidity curtain. Lastly, the clearance at the bottom also allows aquatic animals a way to exit the controlled area.

How to Use Turbidity Curtain Reefing Lines

furling turbidity curtain with reefing linesReefing lines are added as a custom order request at the time that we manufacture your turbidity barrier. The lines are fed through grommets that are spaced 1 foot apart in the curtain skirt. Install the turbidity curtain normally, as directed in your specifications. To use the reefing lines after installing the curtain: from a boat, simply pull the reefing line at the top of the curtain panel (similar to how you might raise a set of window blinds). Measure how much curtain has been raised by counting the number of grommets in the sections of adjusted curtain. To lower the curtain, follow this same procedure in reverse.

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