Spill Barriers for Trucking Terminals

Tanker Truck Containment Berms

trucking terminal needing spill containmentThe trucking industry is an important aspect of the North American economy. From raw materials to finished products, trucks haul goods of all types all over the country. Trucking terminals are transportation hubs where tanker trucks, auto haulers, and flat beds are loaded, unloaded, weighed, and cleaned. To ensure all spills and leaks don't contaminate the facility and its surrounding land, something is needed for truck spill containment.

GEI Works offers a line of Spill Containment Berms for tanker truck containment and beyond. Multiple models and designs work with many types of trucks. Aluminum angle berms offer strength and high capacity containment, while foam wall berms are convenient and simple to use. Standard lengths can range up to 50 feet or longer if you request a custom size. Contact our containment pad specialists today to find the right berm for your trucking terminal.

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Aluminum Angle Berms for Sturdy Protection

aluminum angle containment barrierUsing one foot tall aluminum brackets, the aluminum angle berm forms sturdy walls around any tanker. Set up three of the four containment walls by inserting the brackets in the bracket slots. Before assembling the last side, drive the truck on to the berm. Once the final wall is constructed, any leaks, accidents, or simple wash water is contained in reliable truck spill containment.

Standard angle containment berm design has dimensions ranging from 6' x 6' to 16' x 50'. Spill containment capacities start at 270 gallons and end at 6,000 gallons; however, custom options for spill barriers are always available. Material containment pad choices include 22 oz. PVC, 30 oz. XR-5 (or equivalent), and more.

Visit the Aluminum Angle Berm Overview for more information.

Foam Wall Berms for Low Profile Flexible Protection

OX foam wall containment bermFor low profile spill barriers, foam wall berms make an excellent addition to any trucking terminal. These spill containment barriers can be driven over from any angle whenever containment is necessary. The 4 inch tall containment walls bounce back from nearly any weight. While they don't have the same capacities as the aluminum angle berms, foam wall berms work well for smaller leaks and spot washing.

Dimension options begin at 6' x 6', expanding up to 15' x 60'. Tanker truck containment capacities range from 90 gallons to 2,250 gallons. As with all our manufactured spill containment barriers, custom containment pad options are available to fit any need. Elective tread guards can help protect your berm from drive over damage.

Read through the Foam Wall Berm Overview to learn more.

Drive Through Berms for Versatile Protection

drive through spill bermsDrive through spill barriers combine the best parts of the aluminum angle and foam wall berms. The containment berm design uses two walls of each type for versatile truck spill containment. Two aluminum angle walls stay strong against spills from a tanker or long-haul truck. The self-rising foam walls allow easy, immediate drive through, but raise to their full height when water, fuel, or other liquids begin to fill the berm.

Dimensions for these spill containment barriers begin at 6' x 6' and range to 16' x 50'. Similar to the aluminum angle berm, capacities start at 270 gallons. Unlike the other spill barriers, gallon retention goes all the way to 7,500. Material options are identical to the aluminum angle berm.

The Drive Through Berm Overview has additional helpful facts and data.

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