Trash Boom for Reservoir

Need a Trash Boom for Use in our Reservoir

floating debris boomQuestion: Need a trash boom for reservoir areas where we are located. Do you have these?

Answer: Hello there! Thank you for your inquiry. We do, indeed, carry trash boom These booms, also known as debris booms, are used to capture, contain or deflect waterborne items into a collection area, where the material can be easily extracted for recycling. These containment booms can be used in almost any area, including reservoirs, to control silt and debris.

Choosing a Trash Boom for Reservoir Area

trash boom for reservoirSimilar to using a trash boom in various other applications, choosing a barrier for a reservoir location will depend on the water conditions. If your area is large, has a significant water flow, or is experiencing other outdoor factors, should all be considered when determining the type of boom you choose for your location.

We urge customers to consider all reservoir water conditions when looking for any kind of boom or barrier including:

  • Water Flow
  • Type of Debris Being Contained (are items small, such as plastic or paper? or are the items large, such as logs and timbers?)
  • Flow/Containment Area
  • Tides/Currents

If you are specifically looking to contain debris and trash particles, such as plastic, wrappers, debris, and other materials such as these, you might consider one of our standard Floating Debris Booms. These barriers feature PVC coated materials and are a reliable option for this type of containment.

GEI Works' trash boom standard sizes are 50' and 100' sections. You can choose from an 4', 6', or 8' foam filled flotation collar made from heavy duty 22 oz/yd2. The galvanized steel ballast chain comes in the following sizes: 1/4', 5/16', 3/8'. If these dimensions are not suitable for your application, we do have site specific/custom designs available.

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