The Trailbagger Towing Trailer

Multi-Use Towing System for the Sandbagger

Trailbagger TrailerMade in the USA, the Trailbagger is a trailer and towing package for all Sandbagger and Multibagger machines, providing a convenient means of transportation made specifically for your sandbagging equipment.

It can also be used to transport filled bags or other equipment needed when bagging sand, small wood chips, mulch, compost, or other landscape materials.

The sandbag trailer includes: four ½-inch solid bar tie-downs, safety chains, DOT compliant lighting, a spare tire, and a spare mount. It can accommodate a load width of 48 inches between the fenders.

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Trailbagger Technical Specifications

Specifications Trailbagger
Weight 620 lbs.
Capacity 2,100 lbs (with adequate hitch load)
Deck Length 94 in.
Overall Trailer Width 72 in.
Tongue Length 4 ft.
Tilt Angle 18 Degrees

Trailbagger Specs

GEI Works offers other sandbag equipment options, including more basic manual, gravity-fed machines, on the Sandbagger page.

Trailbagger Trailer Features

Trailbagger with SandbaggerThis sandbag trailer offers a number of features for easy use when transporting any sandbag equipment. It can be hooked up to any basic pickup truck or trailer hauler—ready to get on the road or simply move about a job site. The trailer includes:

  • DOT-Compliant Lights
  • 4' Tongue for Easy Hook Up
  • Wide Tilt Angle
  • Spare Tire and Mount
  • Safety Chains
  • Large Load Capacity

Trailbagger Trailer Benefits

The Trailbagger keeps the Sandbagger safe and secure during transportation. The dimensions of the trailer perfectly fit the Sandbagger for a secure fit. The Sandbagger and any other industrial or landscaping equipment travel safely with this sandbag trailer.

  • Road-Ready for Immediate Operation
  • Worry-Free Transportation
  • Low-Effort Hook Up
  • Versatile and Reliable

Trailbagger Applications

The Trailbagger is specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions of the Sandbagger models.

Also, the Trailbagger Trailer can transport any equipment fitting the trailer's dimensions and within its weight capacity. This can include other types of sandbag equipment, construction tools, or other industrial machinery. In one possible scenario, you could move your Sandbagger to the desired location and drop it off. Then you can use the vacant Trailbagger Trailer to bring more empty sandbags to the site or haul away the filled ones.

Don't forget to order sandbags! GEI Works also carrries sandbags for your Sandbagger and Trailbagger Trailer.

Questions? We can help! Call our GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your sand bag filling requirements.