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Toxic Spill In Hungary

On October 4, a toxic spill began in Hungary, after its reservoir's retaining walls collapsed. They say that clean-up could takes months--maybe even a year!

How would you even begin to try and clean up
such a big toxic sludge mess?

Cleaning up a toxic sludge spill like the one in Hungary is certainly a daunting and time sensitive task. While this is not an easy task, there are a variety of "tools" that can help make the clean-up easier. geotextile dewatering tubeThe beginning of clean-up starts with containment. Using Geotextile Tubes along with custom Turbidity Curtains, the sludge can be contained stopping it from spreading any further.

Once it is contained, the sludge needs to be disposed of. It can be stored in pillow bladder. If the sludge is going to be transported to another location, it is wise to use a liner to contain incidental spills along the way.

After clean-up, restoration can begin. The most effective way to re-establish land is to begin vegetation growth. To increase the soil stability, we recommend using woven geotextiles. Made from 100% polypropylene, this fabric can withstand high amounts of chemical exposure. GEI Works appreciates your interest and concern regarding the Hungary toxic spill. We too have been closely watching the progress of this tragedy, helping in any way we can.

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