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Tidal Compensator

Adjustable Anchoring for Floating Barriers

Tidal CompensatorThe tidal compensator takes the work out of maintaining floating barrier in locations where water levels change frequently. With these tide adjusters, jobsites with changing tides no longer need to factor for manual adjustments, nor do they require specialty floating curtain for the tides. Our tidal compensators are designed to work perfectly with floating boom, silt barrier, and water baffles in maintaining secure containment areas by automatically adjusting with changing water levels.

Tidal compensators are floating barrier and containment boom connectors, designed specifically for anchoring floating barriers to secure fixtures in tidal locations or where the water levels are subject to surges from wind, weather, storm drain surges, or even boater traffic. Because they move up and down with the changing water levels, these tide adjusters help prevent debris, oil, and disturbed water from bypassing the floating barrier.

Are your conditions particularly rough? Take a look at our HD Tidal Compensator.

Questions? Call the GEI Works team and ask about our containment boom and turbidity curtain accessories at 1-772-646-0597 or request pricing.

How the Tidal Compensator Works

Tidal Compensator animation side viewSimple in concept and installation, tidal compensators act as floating anchors that connect containment boom or other floating barrier to a fixed point (such as a pier, post, piling, etc.). When water levels change, tide adjuster also changes to accommodate the new water level.

Without a tidal compensator, as the water levels rise, the floating barrier's anchor point is at risk for becoming submerged. This creates a breach of the containment area. Alternatively, if the water levels sink, the anchor point is then at risk of becoming exposed, and can also create a breach of the containment area.

Tidal Compensator Animation Front ViewWith our tidal compensators, the floating barrier automatically adjusts, sliding up and down the stationary anchor point as the water levels change.

Tidal Compensator Product Details

tide adjusterMade to your specifications, you can customize the tidal compensators to specific jobsite conditions and requirements for a price that will fit easily into your budget.

  • Choose from either stainless steel or marine- grade aluminum components.
  • Utilizes ASTM Connectors to securely connect to boom, turbidity barrier, and water baffles
  • Fitting connects to standard I-beams (2 ¾" or 4" sizes)
  • Float sizes and slide rails lengths are selected to accommodate specific jobsite environments.

Other Turbidity Curtain and Boom Accessories

There are a few other Boom and Turbidity Curtain Accessories that are key to the success of floating barrier projects:

  • Reefing Lines
  • Tow Bridles
  • In-Water Anchor Kits and Buoys

As your one-stop construction compliance supplier, you'll find that we provide quality-made materials at economical prices. Additionally, we'll have your Turbidity Curtain or Containment Boom, as well as your accessories for installation, delivered on time and on-site in one convenient shipment.

Questions containment boom connectors? Call the GEI Works team and ask about our boom and turbidity curtain accessories at 1-772-646-0597 or request pricing.

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