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GEI Donates to the Plant a Billion Trees Campaign

granite environmentalPress Release: "Granite Environmental Contributes to The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Campaign"

SEBASTIAN, FL, December 19, 2011--GEI Works (previously known as Granite Environmental, Inc.) makes its year end donation to the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Campaign. Over the course of the year, Granite Environmental has brought the plant a billion campaign to light by offering to donate one dollar for every business card placed into the drop box during environmental trade shows and gatherings. Through its donation, Granite Environmental is proud to help contribute to the Conservancy's goal of planting one billion trees by 2015.

The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is a long term project set by The Nature Conservancy to help prevent extinction of Brazil's Atlantic Forest. This tropical forest has long been in decline due to the expansion of urban areas, grazing of cattle in agricultural areas, and additional forest problems such as illegal logging. This decline has shrunk the forest to only twelve percent of its original area, with only seven percent well conserved. This destruction has had both long-term and short term effects on the ecosystem, fresh water supply, and people living in the area, as species have become endangered due to a lack of protection, clean water, and clean air supply.

To date, the campaign has planted 9,935,354 trees and counting through donations, partnerships, and additional support. Rebuilding this forest can help improve water areas, such as watersheds, to help keep water clean and available for drinking. In addition, more trees will help reduce the amount of atmospheric carbon in the area helping to offset emissions by vehicles.

Rebuilding this area is also a natural way to help preserve and protect the ecosystem. With increased plants and available surroundings, ecosystems can work naturally to prevent further endangerment and help foster continued growth.

Trees being planted in this area include the fast growing Guapuruvu Tree, the weed and erosion control Ice-Cream Bean Tree, the popular ornamental Golden Trumpet Tree, and high fruit producing Capororoca Tree.

President, Mark Wilkie, comments, "Giving back and supporting non-profit organizations that are related to our environmental market has been a part of our mission for a long time. The Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion Trees campaign goal to rebuild forests worldwide and help keep drinking water clean, clear and accessible is one that not only benefits the surrounding area, but helps protect our world's natural resources. It was our pleasure to support the campaign by donating one dollar for every business card collected from trade show participants. Every tree and every dollar counts in the plant a billion trees effort."


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