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FAQ - Coir Log Specifications

coir wattles and logs I am bidding a job requiring Question: I am bidding a job requiring coir logs. Do you have a distributor in South Western CT? I also need coir log specifications (length, weight, etc) in order to submit the bid. Can GEI Works help?

Answer: GEI Works sales office is located in Florida, USA. We ship out our coir wattles and coir logs from the manufacturing location closest to the provided shipping address or site location, to ensure the lowest freight costs possible for your project. Depending on the product, we often have several different locations that may be close to the site area. GEI Works offers coir logs in a 10 feet standard length with diameters of 12 in.(1.45 lbs./linear feet), 16 in. (2.59 lbs./linear feet), or 20"coir wattles and logsin. (4.04 lbs./linear feet) available. Ten-foot logs are easy to manage and maneuver during install, and also easy to connect for longer erosion control projects. All coir fiberproducts are biodegradable and 100% natural, as they enrich the soil and encourage deep root establishment as they break down. GEI Works coir logs are packed with coir fiber, with a density of 9 lbs. per cubic foot. GEI Works offers the following Coir log specifications, with the following densities and diameters:

  • 12 inches long – 7 lbs./ft3 & 9 lbs./ft³
  • 16 inches long - 9 lbs./ft³
  • 20 inches long - 9 lbs./ft³

Coir Material: The coir material in GEI Works coir logs is a durable fiber taken from the husk of coconuts during the coconut harvesting process. Coir logs contain the following material: bristle coir twine (for the outer netting) and mattress coir (inner material). Looking for more information about GEI Works Coir fiber products? Review our Coir overview page for more information.

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