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Large Tank Bladders

Large Collapsible Tanks for Bulk Liquid Storage

Built to store from 5,000 up to 210,000 gallons in a single tank, Mars large tank bladders are made large tank bladders for liquid storagestrong to suit your bulk liquid storage needs. Due to the large liquid storage requirements, Mars collapsible bladder tanks are constructed from a robust high grade urethane material specifically designed to support the weight of the liquids. All Mars tanks are made in the USA. See available sizes.

Large bladder tanks are most often used on on job sites, oil fields, industrial locations, rural areas, and other sites looking to temporarily store large amounts of liquid. Often called large water bladders (or water blivets), these tanks come with a choice of fabrics made for a number of liquid storage applications, including:

  • Potable (drinking) water
  • Non-potable water
  • Waste water
  • Brine
  • Frac fluids
  • Process liquids
  • Fuel

Mars Large Tank Bladder Features:

  • Sizes available to accomodate bulk storage from 5000 gal. (20,820 L) to 210,000 gal. (800,000 L)
  • Choices of fabric and coating to accomodate: drinking water, gray water, diesel fuel, and other liquids
  • Fabric suitable for cold & hot temperatures and extreme conditions

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large capacity collapsible tanksLarge Collapsible Tank Benefits:

  • Easy to fold, roll, and transport
  • Multiple tanks can ship in one container
  • Quick setup and installation
  • Flexible fitting options
  • Suitable for extreme and demanding conditions
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Multiple fabric options to contain almost any liquid

Common Uses of Large Tank Bladders:

  • Agricultural water storage for crops and animals
  • Wastewater treatment tanks
  • Fire fighting water storage
  • Sewage systems for commercial or residential use
  • Frac water storage
  • Process/product water storage
  • Oil field production fluids

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