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Stormwater Solutions & Management Products

Drain & Curb Inlet Guards, Drain Covers, Filter Socks & More

Stormwater management products are the easiest way to address stormwater runoff and meet Best Managment Practices (BMP) pollution prevention requirements for your location. We offer a wide variety of stormwater BMPs that are able to filter unwanted pollutants from outflow, discharge, or natural runoff. GEI Works manufactures and provides a wide selection of stormater solutions including: drain guards, inlet guards, storm drain covers, drain seals and more. Review our stormwater management products below to find the best solution for your location.

Stormwater Management BMPs

Drain Guards/Drain Protectors are some of the most frequently used stormwater management products for storm water filtration and drain protection. Often implemented as BMPs in storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), these drain guards help to keep flows into the drain clean and free from contamination. Storm drain filters are typically used to filter debris as they enter storm drains, but they can also be used for drain fly control to prevent mosquitos and other insects from leaving the drains where they breed. Learn more about drain protection.

Learn more about our product options for catch basins for sediment and Stormwater Inlet Guards.

Drain guards, along with other BMPs, are an important erosion control product. Click here to view our infographic on the Five Ways to Control Erosion on Your Site.

Drain Covers

storm drain cover

Storm Drain Seals

drain grate covers

Over Grate Drain Covers

grate guard

Grate Covers

Over Grate Drain Filter

Over Grate Drain Cover

Drain Covers are a quick and easy way to filter storm water runoff before it enters a drain system. Rather than removing items after they flow in the drain, these products target runoff before it even enters the system. This prevents silt, trash, debris and other materials from flowing into the drain system. Options include polyurethane drain seals and geotextile over grate filters. Additionally, they can be used as nontoxic drain insect control to control mosquitos without chemicals. Learn more about drain covers.

Drain & Pipe Drainage Filters

downspout filter

Downspout Filter

oil and debris blocker

Oil & Debris Blocker

sediment filter

Hydro Kleen
Sediment Filter

filter sock

Filter Sock

dewatering bag

Dewatering Bag

silt filter

Self Bailer

For other filtration requirements, products such as the downspout filter, oil and debris blocker, and the filter sock, can be an economical option. These items are designed to attach quickly to the end of drains, downspouts, and head wall pipes to remove contaminants as they filter through the product. Models include:

  • Downspout Filter: Attaches directly to downspouts
  • Oil & Debris Blocker: Fits inside storm drains to block debris and oil
  • Filter Sock: Removes silt and debris exiting pipes
  • Self Bailer: Fits directly on drains to filter stored runoff

Available items include self bailers (attach directly to the containment sump outlet), filter socks, downspout filters, and more. Learn more about storm drain filters.

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Other Stormwater Solutions & Construction BMPs

construction tarp

Construction Tarp

containment sump

Containment Sump

containment decks

Containment Filter Deck

oil mop

Oil Mop

containment pool

Containment Pool

Absorbens for Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift Absorbent

sand bags

Sand Bags

triangular silt dike

Triangular Silt Dike

passive drain skimmer

Passive Drain Skimmer

utility trays

Utility Trays

For all other pollution control and containment requirements, please check out our assortment of absorbents and pollution protection products. These items are designed to protect facilities, drains, and sites that are dealing with leaks, drips, or spills from oil and other related products. Equipped to handle difficult contaminants, these items have helped to protect against spills. Learn more about Construcion BMPs and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites.

In addition to these stormwater solutions and bmps, we also offer several stormwater solutions accessories to help ease the process of storm guard installation, cleanup, or other transportation items.

Need help installing drain guards, covers, and other stormwater BMPs? The Grate Hook, along with other accessories, are available in our web store!

Additional Stormwater Solutions

In addition to the Stormwater Solutions BMPs featured above, we also offer a wide variety of stormwater
management products that can help with sediment and silt control. Products include anything from
biodegradable coir to dewatering filter bagsnonwoven filter fabrics. These reliable products have been used in a wide range of locations to control and manage dredging sites, construction sites, and erosion control. Products include:

Dewatering Bags: Sediment containment filter bags are one of the most commonly used products for filtration and have been frequently implemented for stormwater runoff or
dredging projects.

Erosion Control Products: Erosion control products for sediment and silt control are available in
both synthetic and biodegradable options. Frequently used products include the following:coir erosion logs

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.