Stormwater Inlet Guards

Inlet Guard for TSS Levels

Question: Hello, I am looking at stormwater inlet guards. We need a solution to help control pollution, as our TSS levels measured too high in our samples. I see that your inlet guards still allow water to pass through? How is the sediment collected? Does the inlet guard just rest on top or is there some kind of a filter that would need changing?

Answer: The specific equipment and materials needed for your stormwater guard would depend greatly on the type of inlet guard you were using. Some guards are designed to sit in front of inlets to block and filter sediment, while others are made from geotextile materials to successfully filter out sediment before it enters the drain.

Free Standing Gutter Drain Guard

The first option for stormwater control is the gutter stormwater guard. This guard is shaped in a
log-style destormwater inlet guardssign, then placed directly in front of inlets to block and filter out debris and sediment. This guard is designed for ease of use and requires no additional components to install it into place.

Each inlet guard will feature the following:

  • Built-In Overflow Ports
  • Filtering Materials for Fine Particles
  • Curves to the Drain

For these stormwater inlet guards, sediment and debris would built up along the guard. These materials would need to be cleaned in and moved out of the way to prevent pooling around the drain.

Combination Filter Guards

storm drain coversFor combination inlet drains, we also offer a filtering guard that is placed on the outside for storm drains. This guard is made from a geotextile material and is installed to the top of the drain through magnets. This keeps the drain in place, allowing materials to be filtered.

Similar to the first guard, sediment and debris could potentially build up around the drain. This would need to be periodically inspected and cleaned to allow for the best use.

Curb Drain Inserts

storm drainsIf you are dealing with storm drains in addition to inlets, you might also consider the classic drain guard. This catch basin guard inserts directly into the storm drain underneath the grate. The design of this guard creates a witch's hat which will collect the debris and sediment that enters the drain. These will need to be emptied out when they become full.

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