Stormwater Filtration Media

Stormwater Phos Filter to Prevent Algae Blooms

phosphorus filterLooking for an effective stormwater filtration media? The Phos Filter has been proven to filter out an amount of phosphorus equal to one and half times the weight of the filter. This stormwater treatment has consistent phosphorus removal in both particle and dissolved form. Removing phosphorus from stormwater can help with the prevention of dangerous algae blooms.

Testing done at a local cattle ranch in South Florida shows that the phos filter removes over 90 percent of phosphorus that enters the system. This phosphorus removal filter is great for use in ponds, farms, catch basin drains, and urban runoff areas.

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algae bloomPhos Filter Features

  • Filters out and Retains up to One and Half Times its Weight
  • Shown to Remove over 90% of Phosphorus
  • Particle and Dissolved Forms

Phos Filter Benefits

  • Can be Used in a Variety of Different Applications
  • Removes Most Phosphorus from Stormwater
  • Absorbs a Lot of Weight for Long-Lasting Use

Why Remove Phosphorus from Stormwater?

Phosphorus is a chemical element contained in phosphate compounds, which are essential to plant growth. Phosphates are often used in fertilizers in gardens and on farms. However, too much phosphorus in waterways can trigger algae blooms. Enough algae on the surface of any water body blocks sunlight to plants and animals below. Algae can also cause oxygen depletion in the water, causing fish and other animals to die. Some algae blooms themselves are toxic to people, plants, and animals in the water and on land. Using the phos filter as a stormwater treatment keeps algae blooms from forming and damaging the local ecosystem.

citrus groveHow Does This Product Keep You in Compliance?

  • Helps You to Comply with TMDL Requirements
  • Helps Prevent Stormwater Pollution
  • Can be Used as a SWPPP Solution
  • This is a Stormwater BMP

Stormwater Filtration Applications

  • Animal Farms
  • Citrus Groves and Nurseries
  • Golf Courses
  • Sugar Farms
  • Bioretention Systems

In addition to the phosphorus filter, we also offer several other stormwater treatment filters, including products such as the oil and debris blocker and the downspout filter. Our filtering variety is designed to help you filter stormwater runoff from pipes, drains, downspouts, containment sumps, and even inside your storm drains.

Stormwater Filtration - BMP Variety

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