Stormwater Solutions for Storm Drains

Best Management Practices for Storm Drains

drain spill bermQuestion regarding stormwater solutions for storm drains: I am looking for stormwater solutions that can go around storm drains. I have seen a type of barrier used made from silt material wrapped around some type of roll of maybe 1" in diameter. The storm drain is a standard sized round storm drain. Do you have anything like this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! I'd be happy to tell you about our selection of Stormwater BMP Solutions. For the type of sediment and silt control that you have described, there are a couple of different products you can consider.

In terms of something that can wrap around circular storm drains, the closest product we would have to this type of construction would be the Drain Spill Guard. This product is made from a polyurethane flexible material that can easily wrap around a drain to block potentially harmful materials. This material provides you with a berm that is strong enough to come into contact with many chemicals and not let them seep through.

Depending on what type of containment you are looking for, this may be able to block some products from entering your drain. It will, however, not be quite as effective for filtering. View our Best Management Practices page for more information on all our BMP products.

Additional Stormwater Solutions for Storm Drains

stormwater drain guardsFrom the same type of fabric, we also offer our patented storm drain filtration covers that can fit on top of your drain to prevent materials from entering and polluting the system.

If you are specifically looking for something that can filter materials, we do have several different Storm Drain Guards that can fit inside the storm drain to filter materials as they flow into the drain.

These materials are typically made from a filtering geotextile fabric that work to block out sediment, silt and debris, while still allowing water to flow into the drain.

If you have any additional questions regarding stormwater solutions for storm drains, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.