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Filter Stormwater Runoff and Stay In Compliance

Storm Drain Filters are one of the most effective ways to remove phosphorous, hydrocarbons, oil, sediment, silt and even heavy metals from your site runoff. Designed to attach easily to storm drains, catch basins, fittings and pipes, these products effectively remove unwanted materials so that only cleaner water is allowed to flow off of your site. Models include downspout filters, oil and debris drain blockers, pipe filter socks and self bailers that attach to drains.

under grate filter

Under Grate Hopper

filter sock

Filter Sock

Over Grate Drain Filter

Over Grate Filter

sediment filter

Hydro Kleen
Sediment Filter

stormwater phos filter

Phos Filter

silt filter

Self Bailer

oil and debris blocker

Oil & Debris Blocker

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under catch basin

Taurus Under Grate Hopper: This product filters stormwater by catching sediment, debris, and trash under the storm drain grate to prevent pollutants form entering waterways. These filters can hold a high volume of debris, and the webbing straps can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. Street sweeper and vehicle friendly, this under grate strom drain filter lasts significantly longer than other commonly used products. The long field life durability provides significant cost savings to users.

High Visibility Over Grate Filter with No WindowTaurus Over Grate Filter: High performance and high cost savings makes our patented Taurus Over Grate Drain Cover the premiere storm drain filter stormwater BMP. These over grate drain filters are extremely easy to install with no need to lift a storm drain grate. Models include high visibility and low visibility models with optional overflow ports for places with high flow rates. (U.S. Patent No. 10,053,383 B2)

oil and debris blockerOil & Debris Blocker: The oil and debris blocker is a polyethylene unit that is attached directly to the outflow located inside a stormwater drain. Designed from a poly materials, these units work to filter out hydrocarbons and debris as it flows through the system. Being made of a plastic materials, these blockers are also naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.

sediment filterHydro Kleen- Storm Drain Filters: The Hydro Kleen sediment filter is a favorite for use as a BMP in storm drains. This two-chamber system is designed to remove over 80% of the sediment entering the drain while also filtering out your choice of materials. Filters are available for the removal of oil, hydrocarbons, phosphorous, chemicals, oils, and heavy metals.

filter sockFilter Sock: The Filter Sock is one of the easiest options for removing sediment or hydrocarbons from a runoff or outflow pipe. Designed similar to a dewatering bag, these socks quickly secure to pipes to remove oil, silt, and other contaminants. When compared to other options, the pipe sock helps to quickly target and remove materials as they leave your site.

silt filterSelf Bailer: The self bailer is a handy filtration device designed to hook up to containment sumps and other containment products to filter out stormwater that may fill the unit after storm events.

Phos Filter: The phos filter is a proven filtration media designed to remove phosphorous from ponds,catch basin drains and other stormwater runoff areas.

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