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stormwater drain guardQuestion: Hi, I am looking for a storm drain filter that can be used on drains and can absorb oil and dirt. Do you have anything like this?

Answer: For the type of drain you described, we would recommend the Stormwater Drain Guard. This filtering device comes in three different models to help best meet your needs.

For the type of absorbing and filtering you have described, the model that would probably work best for you would be either the Oil & Sediment Model or the Oil & Sediment Model Plus.

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Oil & Sediment Model

oil and sediment drain guardThe Oil & Sediment Model has a high filtering efficiency and is designed for the removal of sand, hydrocarbons and sediment from catch basins. This guard works to filter these harmful materials out of the system, while still allowing a high flow of water through the unit. Specifications for this filtering device are as follows:

  • Oil Absorption:
    • 48" x 36" Model: Up to 0.87 Gallons (3.5 L)
    • 60" x 60" Model: Up to 1.55 Gallons (5 L)
  • Retained Sediment: Up to 40 lbs. (18 kg.)
  • Water Flow Rate (in new condition): excess of 500 gpm
  • Bypass Rate: 700 gpm

Oil & Sediment Model Plus

drain guard with filtersFor extra absorbing capabilities, the oil and sediment plus model has the addition of X-Tex filter strips that hang inside the filter for extra absorbing power. The X-Tex material is designed specifically to help filter out hazardous materials such as oil, petroleum, and hydrocarbons. Specifications for this unit include:

  • Oil Absorption:
    • 48" x 36" Model: Up to 1.38 Gallons (5.9 L)
    • 60" x 60" Model: Up to 2.06 Gallons (7.8 L)
  • Retained Sediment: Up to 40 lbs. (18 kg.)
  • Water Flow Rate: (in new condition): excess of 900 gpm
  • Bypass Rate: 700 gpm

Regardless of which model you choose, each storm drain filter is designed to fit inside the drain to collect materials as the water flows into the drain. If you are looking for a different type of filtering device, please check out our full Stormwater Product Selection.

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