Storage Water Tanks

Collapsible and Steel Tanks for Water Storage

There are two main ways to use storage water tanks. They can be used to keep water isolated from contaminants or to move and/or store water from one location into another. Based on your specific need, you can choose between a flexible water tank or a steel water tank.

Flexible Water Tanks

Flexible water tanks are a great alternative for water storage. These flexible tanks are shipped to customers empty, allowing tanks to be folded or rolled for transportation savings. Once these tanks arrive at your facility, they can be quickly installed and setup for your water storage.

With savings in shipping, fast delivery, and easy set-up, these collapsible tanks are ideal for emergency water relief efforts, production water storage, and even firefighting efforts. storage water tank

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Steel Tanks

If you would prefer a tank that offers a rigid outer structure, the steel tank is the perfect choice. These tanks comes in a wide range of styles including units that offer storage above ground, underground, and more.

The steel storage tanks has been used for a variety of water storage applications, including rainwater collection, drinking water storage, and large capacity storage for fire sprinkler systems.