Stake and Staple Driver

Installation Tools for Erosion Blankets

Staple DriverWhen using an erosion control mat or weed blanket, keeping it secured is an important consideration. GEI Works offers an easy-to-use staple installation tool that provides more effective results in a shorter time period compared to manual installation. Whether using the staple or stake model, the jam-free, single-load system installs a spike every 3 to 5 seconds.

Time constraints are no longer a problem, since workers can simply walk, staple, and repeat. Inefficient hammering and squatting have been eliminated. Using the tool for erosion control blanket installation also ensures that the stakes or staples insert correctly, instead of being knocked out of place by a wayward hammer.

With the staple driver available in cases of 6, large agricultural or environmental conservation companies can stock up for their coconut matting erosion control needs. Employees can each have their own staple installation tool for use on multiple sites instead of sharing between jobs.

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Installation Tool Models

Biodegradable Landscape StakeStake Driver – Specifically designed to use 4" or 6" biodegradable stakes, this installation tool is the most environmentally-friendly option. The stake driver installs one spike at a time, eliminating the need for manual hammering. Any ecosystem restoration or erosion control projects would benefit from plant-based stakes and a means to easily place them.

Landscape StaplesStaple Driver – This erosion control staple gun uses standard U-shaped, 11 gauge steel staples to secure erosion blankets and geotextiles. Compatible staples can be 4", 6", or 8" long. The force of the driver even allows staples to be driven into frozen ground, saving time, cost, and frostbitten fingers. The durability of the tool means it can be used over multiple seasons.

Line Driver – The line driver is a modified staple installation tool which leaves space between the ground and staple for wires or small hoses. The line driver can also maneuver lines without the need for manual adjustment. This allows for precision placement that can't always be found using other tools.

Staple Driver Applications

Workers Using Staple DriversThis erosion control staple gun can be used across a variety of industries. Whether used in the agricultural industry or for environment stabilizing, a few applications include:

  • Erosion Control Mat Installation
  • Landscape Fabric Stability
  • Anchoring and Adjusting Irrigation Lines
  • Low Voltage Wire Anchoring
  • Pinning Erosion Control Netting

For all coconut matting erosion control options, visit the Coir Blankets and Mats page.

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