Spill Berms Multi Use

Multi-Purpose Spill Berms

spill bermsMultipurpose Spill Berms are a great option for any location handling or storing hazardous materials. Often placed under vehicles, tanks, drums, machinery, or industrial equipment, these berms provide a reliable layer support that can catch and contain spilled liquids.

One of the main advantages to flexible spill containment berms is their ability to be made from a range of fabric materials. Rather than the standard polyethylene used on pallets or decks, berms can be constructed from PVC, LLDPE, Elvaloy, or Urethane depending on the type of liquids being stored in the berm. This helps make sure that the fabrics used for your berms are compatible with the type of liquid being stored.

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Design, Features, & Installation

The design of the aluminum angle berm lends itself to easy setup and usage, economical construction, and easy portability from one location to the next.

  • aluminum angle spill bermsStandard Liner Material: PVC, LLDPE, Urethane, Elvaloy
  • Brackets: Aluminum Angle Brackets with a 90° Corner

This wide range of fabric options are designed to help with containment for a multiple liquids including fuel, chemicals, water, gray water, oil, and more.

Applications and Uses

Due to its flexible exterior, easy storage ability and high strength fabric, containment berms can be successfully used in a range of different containment applications. Some of the most common have included the following:

  • Tank/Drum Storage & Containment
  • Frac Tank Containment
  • Vehicle Servicing or Repair Containment
  • Tanker Vehicle Storage
  • Quick Containment Under Leaks

Containment Berms are also a great way to keep your site, facility, or storage area in compliance with local or federal requirements. For example, berms can be commonly used under frac tanks to help sites stay in compliance with EPA regulations.

Berm Installation

To install these berm, liners can be setup quickly by placing the aluminum angle pieces into the pre-set areas of the berm. Learn how with the Spill Berm Setup Instructions

Optional Accessories: Ground covers, cloths & liners, heavy duty tread pads, drain fittings, patch & repair kits, carry & storage bags.

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