Soil Erosion

Erosion Control Products and Information

soil erosion, soil erosion preventionSoil erosion occurs through the transport of soil and sediment by gravity, wind, water, ice, and even living organisms. Human impact can increase these natural factors.

Erosion control products for soil are the perfect way to stabilize your location and help provide a firm level of foundation on which you can establish vegetation, additional soil, rip rap, sea walls, or other erosion control materials.

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Soil Erosion Control Products

coir erosion control mats
Soil Erosion Mats

Another common option for erosion control is one of our erosion control mats. These soil erosion mats are typically made from either a coconut coir fiber, straw, or wood fiber material that helps to stabilize the soil while naturally biodegrading over time.

geotextile erosion prevention
Erosion Control Geotextiles

For several of these applications, geotextiles are used to help with filtration, stabilization, separation, and erosion control applications. They are often placed under rip rap, sea walls and other locations needed a firm and reliable foundation. Erosion Control Geotextile options include:

Choosing Your Soil Erosion Control Matting

Choosing the right erosion control matting option can depend on your application, your location, and your specific site requirements. Products will generally fall in the category of either natural fiber or synthetic fiber.

  • Natural Fibers: The natural fiber products (such as coir matting, straw blankets, coir logs, and coir wattles) are typically used in areas looking to establish vegetation. These natural products provide temporary stabilization that will biodegrade over a period of time. This time is long enough for plants to take root.
  • Synthetic Fibers: Synthetic fibers, by contrast, are often used in locations looking for a long term erosion control solution. This can include underneath rip rap, seawalls, or other products that will require long-term stability.

Erosion Control Information

When erosion of soil occurs, not only will the land look less than appealing, but it also loses valuable nutrients. The ideal solution to prevent erosion is to plant vegetation. The new plants will colonize and stabilize the ground with their root systems.

Using coir (natural coconut fiber), woven geotextiles, and can greatly improve the speed, quality, and longevity of the vegetation and erosion prevention measures.

Causes of Soil Erosion

  • Mass Wasting: Gravity will naturally create down-slope movement of soil and sediments. Various factors (water, wind, human impact) speed up this process as they move materials from higher to lower elevations.
  • Surface Creep: Similar to mass wasting, gravity will slowly move the surface soil. This process goes generally unnoticed unless tracked. Wind factors will increase the erosion.
  • Slumping: Steep hillsides on distinct fracture zones are prone to this type of erosion. When materials, like clay, are released they move down the hill quickly. Slumping created isostatic depressions.
  • Forest Fires: Wildfires burn vegetation and expose soil to the elements. Left unaddressed, significant soil loss occurs, even leading to mudslides in major rainfall events. Post-fire erosion control efforts are recommended by the US Forst Service as an effective prevention tool.

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