Small Portable Incinerator

Small Scale Incinerators

Request a Price QuoteQuestion regarding a small portable incinerator: Hello, I am looking for a small incinerator. The purpose is in dustrial to dispose of dirty materials without having to use any chemicals. Do you have anything? It would have to be electric.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For disposal of smaller waste materials, such as those which have been placed or used for oil cleanup, a great choice would be our Small Scale Portable Trash Incinerator. This unit uses a dual chamber system and is well equipped to oil-soaked or waste oil materials.

As you have requested, this small incinerator is electric and has the electrical requirements of 20 VAC, 25 amp.

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Portable Incinerator Features

As a small scale portable unit, these incinerators have naturally small dimensions and are well equipped to be transported while not in use. Some of the features you will find on this product include:

  • Dual Chamber System
  • Easy to Operate Controls
  • 25 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Electrical Requirements

The incineration process for this portable incinerator uses 25 gallons of either diesel or #2 fuel oil. Once in place, incinerators can be stacked, plugged in, and started for a safe incineration process.

All incinerators should be placed in an outdoor location during the incinerator process.

As a versatile unit, these trash incinerators have been used to dispose of many different products including:

  • Oil-Soaked Materials
  • Waste
  • Domestic Trash
  • Papers
  • Wood Materials
  • Used Filters