Small Spill Berm

Spill & Containment Berms for Large Air Compressors

Question on a small spill berm: I am interested in a containment berm and what sizes you have to use under large air compressors. They are 5 feet x 8 feet.

Answer: Hello. Thank you for your interest! Although there are some common spill containment berm sizes, we don't really have a standard. Containment berms are made to order per your project specs/ needs and I am happy to tell you a little more about them.aluminum angle spill berm

Small Berms to Contain Leaks and Spills

Regarding our spill containment berms, we have a variety of models from which to choose. Certain models may have listed sizes (for instance the aluminum angle berms have an initial size of 8' x 8'. However, berms can berms can be made to almost any size based on your storage requirements. Style options for these berms include:

  • Containment Berms with Aluminum Angle Bracket Side Walls
  • Containment Berms with Foam Walls
  • Containment Berms with Air Walls
  • Containment Berms with Air Side Walls and Foam End Walls

Check out our Secondary Containment Page to view our full selection of available spill berm models.

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Small Spill Basin

spill traysFor this type of storage, you might also consider a small spill tray or basin. These economical units are ideal to contain drums, cans, and small equipment and to collect small leaks and spills under vehicles. This could be perfect for your air compressors.

Its benefits include being the perfect size where space is limited, it's flexible and efficient, and keeps your work space safe and clean. The liner material is made from 22 or 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. urethane, and is the perfect spill containment tool to contain small leaks and hazardous runoff.