Small Spill Berm

Spill Containment Berms for Large Air Compressors

containment bermQuestion: I am interested in a containment berm to use under large air compressors. They are 5 feet x 8 feet. Do you have a small spill berm that would work?

Answer: Yes, we can help you with that. We have standard spill containment berm sizes, and our containment berms can also be made to order per your project needs. We also have small spill basins that can be helpful.

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Small Containment Berms Contain Leaks and Spills

We have a variety of Small Spill Containment Berm Models from which to choose. Certain models may have listed sizes, for example the aluminum angle berms have an initial size of 8' x 8'. However, berms can be made to almost any size based on your storage requirements.

spill containment bermStyle options for these berms include:

  • Containment Berms with Aluminum Angle Bracket Side Walls
  • Containment Berms with Foam Walls
  • Containment Berms with Aluminum Angle Walls and Foam End Walls

Aluminum Angle Spill Containment Berms are designed with removable L-shaped brackets the length of the walls. These brackets can be removed to allow vehicles to enter the berm for containment. The rigid walls of the aluminum angle berm are one foot high, offering a higher form of containment.

Foam Wall Containment Berms offer a reliable low profile approach to secondary spill containment. The walls of the foam wall berm are 4 to 8 inches, offering a smaller capacity for containment. Foam wall containment berms allow vehicles to drive over its walls for containment.

Containment Berms with aluminum angle walls and foam wall ends feature a combination of the benefits of both berms. With high containment from the aluminum angle walls and the easy access foam ends, this berm provides a barrier for oil and chemical spills.

Small Spill Basins Are A Cost-Effective Choice in Spill Containment

spill basinFor this type of smaller containment for a space of 5' x 8', you might also consider a Small Spill Tray or Basin.

These cost-effective units are ideal to contain drums, cans, and small equipment and to collect small leaks and spills under vehicles. This could be perfect for your air compressors.

Materials options for the small spill basin:

  • 18 oz. PVC
  • 22 oz. PVC
  • Elvaloy
  • 32 oz. Polyurethane

Small Spill Basin Specifications

Length Width Height
2' (0.91 m) 2' (0.91 m) 4" (0.1 m)
4' (1.23 m) 4' (1.23 m) 4" (0.1 m)
5' (1.52 m) 5' (1.52 m) 4" (0.1 m)

Small Spill Basin Features and Benefits

The small spill basin features a variety of material options held up with a frame support of fiberglass rods. It has a capacity of 9.9 to 62 gallons.

The small spill basin benefits is the perfect size when space is limited, and its flexible, efficient size keeps your work space safe and clean. These small containment berms are ideal for battery, generator, paint can, or oil drum containment.

small spill berm
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • High resistance fabrics

Other small spill basin berm containment applications:

  • Chemical drums
  • Small leaks
  • Tanks

Small spill berms are meant for quick deployment and durable containment. Because of their small sizes, they are flexible and space-efficient. Made with material that's built to last, these quick solutions for spill prevention are custom-made for your project.

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