Slurry Rate for Silt Fence

Silt Fence Slurry Rates

silt fenceCan you tell me the slurry rate for silt fence? I will be setting up a perimeter control and trapping efficiency is needed for 1.29 acres.

Greetings to you in South Carolina! Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental with your inquiry. We are happy to provide you with technical information on our silt fence.

The fabrics that we used to manufacture our silt fences are pervious sheets of geotextile material like a polypropylene, nylon, or even polyester. To answer your immediate question first, our silt fence has a slurry rate of 0.3/gal/ft2/min. It has a filtering efficiency of 75-85% and a tensile strength at 20%. The fence has an ultraviolet radiation allowance of 90%.

USEPA (1993) reports the following effectiveness ranges for silt fences constructed of filter fabric that are properly installed and well maintained: average total suspended solids removal of 70 percent, sand removal of 80 to 90 percent, silt-loam removal of 50 to 80 percent, and silt-clay-loam removal of 0 to 20 percent. Removal rates are highly dependent on local conditions and installation.

In order to keep your silt fence working effectively during your project, the barrier should be inspected and maintained frequently on a scheduled basis. In addition, they should also be thoroughly inspected after each rain fall event to ensure that the barrier system is maintained and sediment laden water is not leaving your site.

If you find any gaps, tears, or strains on the fence, they should be fixed immediately and sediment should be removed from the fence to help keep the fence in place.

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