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Dewatering Bags to Remove Copper

Sludge Issue: Looking for Dewatering Bags for the Removal of Copper from a Water Body

dewatering bags to remove copperProblem: A visitor asked about dewatering bags to remove copper and to speak about his sludge issue. The sludge he had to remove had a copper content above acceptable levels for composting.

He was looking for a dewatering solution. It would lower the concentrations in the organics and make it easier to remove the copper from the water itself.

The goal was to remove the water with the dissolved copper in it rather than having the copper precipitated out into the organics in a drying process.

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Dewatering Solution

While standard dewatering bags use a nonwoven material, our product specialists worked with the manufacturing locations to offer him a different fabric material and bag size. This provided him with dewatering bags to remove copper and water together. This helped to provide the solution he needed, helping him to solve his sludge problem.

The Dewatering Bags

The dewatering bag product is a filtering device typically designed to remove silt, sediment, and other small materials from water. These bags are typically made from a nonwoven 8 or 10 ounce material, although they have also been made from 6 ounce depending on the requirements.

The nonwoven fabric uses a needle punched filtering design. This is small enough to prevent particles from leaving the bag, while remaining large enough for water (and occasionally water and copper) to leave the bag.

Dewatering Tubes

dewatering sludge tubeA common choice for sludge dewatering is the dewatering tube. These bags are built from a woven geotextile material for high levels of filtering and sludge removal.

These tubes are significantly larger in size and are frequently used for applications requiring large amounts of water. This has included waste water treatment plants and lagoons.