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Slope Stabilization Project in Turkey

Question about slope stabilization project in Turkey. I am planning a project which is about slope stabilization. I am from Turkey's north region. What products would you recommend?

Answer: coir wattleThank you for asking. In general, the products we see most commonly being used in slope stabilization involves our coir material. This material offers an extremely high level of strength, while also being entirely natural in its design. This helps to protect wildlife and surrounding locations when stabilizing and area.

Coir Products you could consider using for slope stabilization include:

  • Coir Logs
  • Coir Wattles
  • Coir Blankets/Mats
  • Coir Blocks

For controlling runoff and other materials, products with a certain level of height are commonly used. This can include the coir blocks, wattles, and logs. These materials would be lined periodically along your slope to help control water flow and stabilize the area.

Slope Stabilization and Water Filtering

If you are a looking for a filtering product, one of the best options to consider is the coir wattle. These materials are extremely durable, while still offering a significant amount of filtering ability. They have often been used for slope length reduction, stormwater runoff control, and construction site filtering.

Slope Stabilization with Coir Mats

coir matsThe coir mat is also a great option for slope stabilization. These mats come in a variety of different strengths to stabilize both steep and level areas. When choosing a coir mat for your area, you will typically want to consider the following environmental components:

  • Water Flow
  • Slope Steepness
  • Needed Weave Openings for Vegetation or Seeding

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