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Slope Stabilization Membrane for Revegetation

Geomembrane Options

Question: I'm interested in using a slope stabilization membrane for revegetation. I'm an engineer in Long Island, NY and I was looking for a slope stabilization membrane that can be covered with topsoil and be seeded for grass to grow. What do you suggest?

Answer: woven geotextile fo slope stabilizationGranite Environmental offers a wide variety of woven and nonwoven geotextiles. The best products for stabilization are woven products W180, W200, W250, W300, or W315. These geotextiles not only stabilize the soil, but also allow for fast and effective vegetation growth to prevent erosion.

When compared to a nonwoven fabric, the woven material option uses the interlacing of two materials to create a stronger fabric stabilization and additional support. Some applications where you might see these products being used have included:

  • Use under Rip Rap
  • Sediment Control
  • Protection of a Water Shed
  • Stabilization and Separation Applications

All our geotextile materials are designed for high strength use and are naturally resistant to several factors and conditions including rot and UV rays.

Coir Slope Stabilization Membrane for Revegetation

In addition to woven and nonwoven geotextiles, we also offer a coir fabric that is great for seeding, revegetation and slope stabilization. These mats come with a natural, open weave that allows plants to grow straight through the mat. This has helped to stabilize areas, while still providing a natural erosion control method.

coir matCoir mats are offered in several different strengths to work on 3:1 slopes as well as up slopes up to 1:1. The strongest mat option is additionally equipped to handle flows up to 16 feet per second.

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