Silt Fencing

Wire Back Silt Fence

wire back silt fenceThe wire back silt fence is a high strength barrier designed to help contain sediment and silt around construction sites, road work, and other job locations. Wire backed fencing features the design of the standard silt control fence, but adds a wire backing for additional strength.

This model is available in different wire sizes to accommodate various sites demands and requirements. If you require a specific wire thickness or strength, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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Silt Fence Specifications

Fencing Type Wire Backed Fence
Roll Sizes 3' x 100'
3' x 330'
Wiring Options Welded Wire 12.5 awg 2x4
Welded Wire 14.5 awg 2x4
Welded Wire 14.5 awg 4x4
12.5 DOT Field Wire
14.5 Field Wire
14.5 DOT Field Wire

The standard wire backed fence comes pre-fabricated with wire built-in along the fence. This construction is designed to meet most state DOT requirements, although several different materials and wire sizing is also available upon request. We do also offer a Standard Silt Control Fence available in standard rolls, as well as rolls that are pre-staked.

Standard Silt Control Fence

silt fenceThe standard silt control fence is our most popular erosion control model and comes pre-fabricated in several different strengths to accommodate different job site requirements. Typical models include the following:

  • Economy Model
  • Contractor Grade Model
  • DOT Grade Model

Standard Silt Control Fence

If you are looking for a specific type of construction fence or are working off of site-specific specs, please feel free to send over your requirements so we can work to construct the best fence for your location.

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Additional Fencing Options

staked silt barrierIn addition to the wire back model, we also offer several other fencing options including the staked silt control fence (with pre-installed stakes or no stakes) and the staked silt barrier (impermeable design). While the standard fence is commonly used in locations looking to control and contain silt, the staked silt barrier is a necessity for areas dealing with high water flows, sheet flow, or storm water runoff.

For more information on all of our fencing options, please feel free to check out our Construction & Silt Fencing Page.