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Floating Silt Curtains

Sediment Barriers from USA Silt Curtain Supplier

turbidity barrier controls sedimentFloating Silt Curtains are frequently utilized for any construction location displacing silt, sediment or solids near a body of water. These sediment barriers contain silt, clay or other particles that cause turbidity. These particles suspend and can be harmful when unchecked. Floating silt and sediment barriers provide time for gravity to work on the suspended particles until they can settle back down to the bottom of a contained area. Floating silt curtains can help lower TSS (total suspended solids) levels and keep sites in compliance. GEI Works is the USA Triton silt curtain supplier, and we can help you decide which floating silt curtain you need. If you're not sure which floating silt curtain you need, you can review our Turbidity Curtain Selection Guide.

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Silt Curtains for Contractor, Construction, and DOT Projects

turbidity barrierContractor Curtains are engineered to meet the needs and requirements of contractors. Great for construction sites and DOT projects, a turbidity curtain provides high quality silt containment, while keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Need more information? Read about New York DOT Silt Curtains.

Which Floating Silt Curtain is Right for Me?

When you are looking to control silt in a water body with waves, currents, tides, or moving water, a Type 2 Curtain is recommended. Type 1 Curtain is recommended for water bodies with no current. These floating silt barriers come with the addition of a tension cable that stabilizes and control silt.

As a silt curtain supplier and manufacturer, we know what quality solutions you need for your site. For more information, see our Turbidity Curtain Selection Guide.

Dredging, Remediation, or Long Term Projects

For areas dealing with projects or increased demands (high levels of silt, currents, or waves), the Type 2 and Type 3 Heavy Duty Curtains are the best option. These silt curtains are made with stronger fabrics, more robust connectors, and higher strength cables to accommodate increased loads, pressure, or site demands.

Available Models:turbidity barrier

Heavy duty (HD) models are designed with a 22 oz. PVC fabric and feature a top universal bulk slide connector. Bulk connectors increase the strength of the connection point and allow for higher currents, waves, or sediment to remain contained.

Permeable Silt Curtains and Silt Boom

silt boomPermeable Silt Curtains are used in specific projects where high flows require a permeable fabric option. Permeable curtains feature a geotextile filter panel throughout the depth of the skirt. Models include:


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Other silt curtain applications:

At GEI Works, we pride ourselves on suppling quality compliance solutions. Don't just take our word for it. Read a customer testimonial about the Triton Silt Boom and Barrier! We are a silt curtain supplier who cares about your compliance needs.

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