Silt Screen to Prevent Contamination

Backyard Project with Silt Screen

silt screenQuestion: We are doing a project in backyard which requires a silt screen to prevent an contamination from getting into stream corridor. I don't know what I'm looking for or what to call it. The DEC advised us to use bales of hay or silt screens along the boundary of the water edge.

We want to build a retaining wall to replace existing levels told needed the netting in case of spills or contamination into waterway. The length across the back yard is approximately 60 feet. Do you have product drawings or specifications or pictures from other similar projects available?

Answer: Thank you for asking. You can certainly use a silt screen to prevent contamination. Coir fiber products are an effective and economical option. For example, you could use coir logs, coir blocks or coir silt check to prevent the silt contaminating the stream. The most common product for soil erosion control is a coir fiber log. The type of erosion control method that's best for your project will be determined by the specifics of what you want to do.

Geotextile liners could work too. There are also other synthetic and natural products you could use. If you provide us your first and last name and email address I could send you our product fliers with product specifications.

Our Granite Environmental product specialists will check and see what other temporary products, except the silt screen for contamination, would work better and is the most affordable one for you.

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