Silt Fence Types

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Silt Fencing InstallatedQuestion: Are there different types of silt fence? Can they be used to control water flowing around my site?

Answer: Yes, the silt fence is available in a couple of different styles and models depending on the type of erosion, sediment or water control you require on your site. Standard silt fence options will include the staked silt fence, wire back silt fence, orange safety fencing, and impermeable staked barriers.

Standard Silt Fence Types

standard silt fenceOne of the most commonly used silt fencing options is the Standard Staked Silt Fence. High in strength and filtration abilities, the silt fence is able to contain sediment, dirt, and displaced materials while still allowing water to flow through the fabric. This helps to limit erosion and pollutants that are leaving your site. Fabric options are available in the following models:

  • Economy Grade: 50 gram Fabric
  • Contractor Grade: 70 gram Fabric
  • DOT Grade: 100 gram Fabric

See our Silt Fence PDF Flyer for complete specifications.

The standard silt fence material can be sold in fabric with stakes or fabric only rolls.

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Wire Back Silt Fence

wire back silt fenceAnother popular option for construction sites and work areas is the Wire Back Silt Fence. Similar to the model listed above, these fences contain a woven geotextile fabric that is supported with mesh wire fencing. Mesh sides of the fencing are typically placed up slope to help provide additional support. Mesh models include:

  • Welded Wire 12.5 AWG 2x4
  • Welded Wire 14.5 AWG 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 AWG 4x4
  • 12.5 DOT Field Wire
  • 14.5 Field Wire
  • 14.5 DOT Field Wire

Orange Safety Fence

orange safety fenceThe Orange Safety Fence is a popular option for job sites that require high visibility or support. Made from a plastic mesh material, this fence is often used as both a perimeter and warning for dangerous jobs sites or work areas. Fencing is available in woven or diamond back models.

Staked Silt Barrier- Higher Control for Sheet Flow

staked silt barrierIf you are dealing with a significant amount of water flow, one option you may consider instead is the impermeable Staked Silt Barrier. Rather than feature fabric that allows water to pass through the material, these barriers feature an impermeable high strength material that can control and redirect water flows as needed.

Staked silt barriers are built with the same materials used on our turbidity curtains, making them equipped for higher water levels and flow rates. These staked silt barriers are typically used in locations that have a significant water runoff (above 5 cfs) or sheet flow.

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