Silt Fence Above Drainage Rocks

Silt Fencing & Staked Turbidity Barriers

Question regarding a silt fence: I am building a road with a retaining wall and need to provide a black geotextile fence above the drainage rocks at the foot of the wall before I fill with road mix to set. Do you have geotextile fencing? The road is 12' wide and I will need about 700'. The drain system is 2" minus riverrun at the foot of the retaining wall and as the base course for the road.

silt fence Answer:
For use in your location, the Silt Control Fence can be a great option. Manufactured from a woven geotextile filter fabric, this product is a great choice for control along the perimeter of your site.

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Silt Geotextile Fence and Barrier Options

Silt fencing is attached to wooden stakes that are spaced at regular intervals along the site perimeter. When installed correctly and inspected frequently, these fences can be an economically effective barrier to prevent sediment from leaving the site. Silt fence is often used on construction sites with relatively small drainage areas. They are appropriate in areas where runoff will be low-level shallow flow, not exceeding 0.5 cfs.

staked silt barrier

If you are dealing with drainage or runoff that exceeds this level of flow, another option you might consider is the Staked Turbidity Barrier. This barrier is similar in design to the silt fence, but will instead use a turbidity barrier fabric.

This provides a stronger level of support for water that is flowing. Since these barriers are used to performing in water, they are well equipped to handle flow levels. The stakes silt barrier has commonly been implemented in locations that are looking to direct stormwater runoff or control flow in a particular site. They will also be used with stakes.

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