Silt Curtain For Shoreline Restoration

Turbidity Curtain for Shoreline Restoration

turbidity barrierQuestion: Can you help us select a sil curtain for our shoreline restoration project? Our project is located in California's Bay Area, and we are restoring a section of private property that has been badly eroded by rain. The site is very steep and difficult to access so most of the work will be done by barge. The area is tidal and will get 1-2 foot chop.

We need a floating turbidity curtain for our permit. I was considering the Type 2 Heavy Duty silt barrier and think we will need about 9' deep curtain skirt. What do you recommend for our shoreline restoration project?

Answer: The Triton Type 2 Silt Curtain sounds like the perfect option for silt and turbidity control during your shoreline restoration project. Since you are dealing with some tides and current, we recommend considering a floating turbidity curtain along the shoreline while also running a Silt Fence along the water's edge. This will help keep a significant amount of sediment from flowing into the water area, limiting unnecesary pressure on your floating curtain and allowing it to better contain silt and turbidity in your contained area.

Type 2 Silt Curtain

Since you are dealing with an area that has waves and tides, you will need at least a Type 2 Silt Curtain. Depending on the water current, depth, access needs, potential traffic, sediment source, and expected duration, you might even need a Type 3 Silt Curtain. These barriers are high in strength and equipped with tension cables that can contain silt in moving water areas. Both the Type 2 and Type 3 barriers are constructed from a robust 22 oz. fabric to perform under demanding conditions in your location.

Check out our curtain comparison chart to help you decide which is best for you. If you're still not sure what you need, call our team at +1-772-646-0597and we can help determine which product is best for your locaiton, or submit your specs.

Turbidity Curtain Anchoring

silt barrier pondAnchoring is a critical factor in the success of your floating silt curtain. Please use anchoring every 25' OC to ensure the curtain performs to the expected standards. If you are leaving the work platform stationary, access is not a concern. However, if your work platform is mobile, you will need a silt curtain gate. Contact us directly if you think you need a silt curtain gate for your location.

To ensure proper installation and to protect your silt curtain investment during your shoreline restoration, please use our Turbidity Curtain Installation Flyer. This guide will help you through the installation process. Additionally, we offter installaion services for any of our Triton silt curtains. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or if anything is unclear.

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If you have any additional questions regarding a silt curtain for shoreline restoration or how it can be installed, please contact our GEI Works sales team at +1-772-646-0597, or submit your specs.